How To Use AdSense Page level ads in BlogSpot or website

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Google is a best plate from of make money online Money of Pakistani people are using Google as a Make money online Google have an Earning program for low and high website owner which is name of Adsense Money of website owner are using Google adsense earning program that is a Great opportunities for Making Money the main perpurse of  of this post for introducing Adsense page level ads Recently Google launched Adsense page lavel ads page lavel ads will help you for increase your Revenue because You can use them along with your content and link units 3 ads per page limit but It's only Mobile website i mean only Mobile optimize website if your website Mobile optimize then you can use it.The ads formats is two type    Anchor ads and Vignettes Ads for Details of how to insert page lavel ads and further info you can Get below.
AdSense mobile Page-level ads now available to all publishers

Page level Ads formats here

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Anchor Ads will be show stick to the button of the user screen and It's easily dismissed using the toggle down button. 
Adsense Page Level Ads (Anchor/Overlay

Vignettes Ads that is full screen ads it's cover your full website and it's appear beetween page loads on your site i means popup ads by loading your page then ads will cover your entire face Vignettes ads will displayed when the user leave a page not when user will come your site.
 AdSense at optimal times to help to increase your revenue and provide a good user experience. They're displayed when the user leaves a page

How to Enable Page level Vignette ads and anchor ads

First Login your adsense account  Navigate to " My Ads" > Page-level ads beta then enable both ads by clicking and click on Get Code then Copy the code and paste it in your blogger HTML codes below the <head> tag and save it below see screen shots.

How To Use AdSense Page level ads in BlogSpot or website
How To Use AdSense Page level ads in BlogSpot or website
How To Use AdSense Page level ads in BlogSpot or website

How to Enable Page level ads Blogger blogspot

Login your blogger and Go To Template Edit HTML
search for this code </head>
 Paste your code just above </head>
when you save your template may be you see an error below

Error parsing XML, line 1473, column 15: Attribute name "async" associated with an element type "script" must be followed by the ' = ' character.  

For this Condition you just simply
Replace the attribute async with async=''
Now you are done of all.

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