How To Add and Create Custom Robots TXT File On Blogger

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I already Discuss one of Great Tools Custom robots header tags if you Do't Read this Tools Discussion First Read about this Tools because this tools is very imported for Search Engine after Reading Custom Robots Header Tools i hope fully you will understand۔ After Reading this now we will discuss about how to Create Custom Robots .TXT File Adding this Tools is very important for Small Blogger, High Blogger if you are Owner of website you can add this Custom Robots.txt file for better ranking of Google search Engine and Money Other website. 

Add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger

You can Create Custom Robots.txt file Easily Customize your Txt File on any blogger website and you can Customize this file with your need and your Choice i will Tell you about each and everything about Custom Robots file How to Add and How to Customize Robots.txt file. 

What is Custom Robot.TXT File

Custom Robots .txt is is a Text based Few Line Code why you will add this few lines code that means this code does Order to how to Index your blog or website or Page in Search Result with this code you will allow to Search Engine Crawler,  means that crawlers, like Googlebot, go through your content, and index it so that other people can find it when they search, you can also Restrict any of page, Labels, which you don't want to show on Google Search when you Search any keyword then Google Crawler first will scan your  Robot.txt file and will appear your Keyword.

Default Robots.Txt File here

You can Add this Default TXT file on Blogger This Default Code tell the web Crawler about the your 25 Recent Post Simply add below Code your website/Blog.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Replace To your Blog Url

Explanation Custom robots.txt code

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

This Code is for Google Adsense if you will add this code this code will help for better adsense ads if you are not using adsense then simply remove it.

User-agent: *

This code is for Robots Marked for all Pages, Labels, with (*) it's default you website settings, for adding this code Google will not index your all pages lables if you will add below code.

Disallow: /search
Disallow Means your Links after the domain name of your website will ignore  See below Code. 
If you want to Disallow Specific post then Include this code
YY Means Year of Post nad MM means Month of Post See below Red.
if you remove this code i mean Disallow/Search then Google and Other Search Engine will Crawled your Complete Blog and also Index that will be Bad thing for your Blogger Ranking.
Allow: /
Allow Means web Crawler will Crawl and Index your Website/Blog Entire Home Page 

Sitemap Robots.txt Code

 If you Add this Sitemap Code that means yo are Optimize your Entire Blog and it' help your better search Crawler rate, and It's best Chance to Google will  Crawl your all Blog Post and this above sitemap code means we are telling the web crawler crawl My 25 Recent post if will help for your 25 recent post if you want to Increase this post then Add This Code.
That means This code will show 500 Recent Post  If you have More 500 to 1000 then you can add below both Sitemap:


How to Add Robots.TXT File

  1. Go to and sign in with your Email and password.
  2. Go to Settings and Search Preferences and Go To Crawlers and indexing and then Go To Custom robots.txt Edit this and paste above Default code or any more which you want to insert Code and Simply Save it.

Custom robots.txt

How to Chack Robots .txt Code 

Check you code just add after your domain Name /robots.txt
Go to above link then you will see your code appearing code then use this code your robots.txt box Like this.

check Custom robots.txt
It's better help for All of Blogger as well thanks for Reading this post if you will read all above and follow of all above then maybe you will define Each and Everything.
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