How To optimize images for web & Blogger For Best Ranking

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Images is a Most Imported and Technique for Blogger & website and WordPress owners Because when Google Crawler does Index your website/blog they don't index only your entire post of your website/blog content first Google,Bing Take your Post Meta Description if your Meta Description will be Better for your post Search other wise or if you don't have Post Meta Description in this situation Crawler will show on search bar some text which will be better for this post but with this they also index your post Images which will be show on Google Search that is better for More Visitors, and also Index Interlinks Permalinks which you can learn my next post but in this post in will show you how to Optimize Images which is better for Google/Bing Search Engine and Rankings.

How To optimize images for web & Blogger For Best Ranking

From Optimize Images for blogger or website a Good thing is when someone search on google/bing then your post images will show in where and visitor also Can visit your website this post it is best advantages of increase your visitors, Like Below Screen.
optimizing images for web

How To Optimize Images with Adobe Photoshop

Optimize Images with Adobe Photoshop this is best Technique because if you will follow this Technique your Images size will Small and this is best advantages for Speedup Loading your website and Google also Favour and Early Index and Show up your website on first page if your website loading fast Google will show First form Other High Loading Speed website, Images Optimization from adobe photo shop is best technique for fast loading your blog/website how to do it See below Details.
  1. Go To Your Adobe Photoshop Open Your Picture
  2. Adjust your picture size which is best for your post
  3. Select Images Option which you can Get Photoshop one the top of Menu Bar
  4. Click Now Image Size
After Adjust your Picture Size
  1. Go To File then Click Save for web 
  2. Check Optimize which is right side you can seen when you will save for web
  3. Now Select Preset: Jpeg Low or you can Choose any other Like png,gif,  but select only low not High 
  4. Now Set Quality 100% or 50% with your Requirement.
  5. Save on bottom
5 Easy Steps to Optimize Your Images in Photoshop

Now you can See before Optimize your picture size and after Optimize picture size it's changed but I Recommend Set Jpeg Low is Better.

How To optimize images From Alternative Tags 

Optimize Your Picture with alternatives tags It's very Imported for Seo, Better Google Search, if you will not Insert Alternative Tags on your Pictures then Google will Not show up your Picture in Search Result How To Get this.

  1. On Blogger Go To your picture and Click your picture and Click below Menu click Property 
  2. Next Appearing Bux Type below line alt Tags and also add Tile of your Picture It will be best for your Visitors.
  3. Click Ok

optimize images , save image
Same Method like On Word Press Website on Above Method Or you can also ad a caption on blogger and wordpress website simply click ad caption button and ad It's Means include picture name same like tile.

Optimize images with HTML Codes 

Maney of Website Owners know that but Just i am showing you How to Optimize Images thorough HTML Tags this Method you can also Set on blogger website and WordPress website form HTML Codes So Simply Include below Codes with Image.

Complete Image Html Code Like below.


<img border="0" src="Here your Image Name" title="Easy Steps to Optimize Your Images in Photoshop" alt='blogger in urdu' /></a></div>

Other Plate Form

<img src="Here Image Url"  Alt="Here alternative Tags">
So Finally if you want to Increase your blogger Traffic and you wanna High speed your website then please follow above all Step with your each post.
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