Best Ways to Increase Adsense CTR 2016 CPC & CPM

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If your  Click trough rates are lower, your daily or Monthly earning lower using AdSense ads it's Google AdSense ads placing mistake now you need to know how to improve your CPM(Click Trough rates) CTR(Cost per Click) if your Its do not approve your AdSense revenue will be very low, Indeed Good Traffic you can not Get Good earning from Google Adsense.
Before going to Start Best ways to increase CTR very important thing for you first check your blog content I mean your content is unique and your post title should be Good but SEO, Optimise your Image on your post and before post check keyword density I mean how many keywords on your post-Create Internal Link Complete Details how to Create your Seo Optimize Post for your blog post.Follow below some Tips for Increase your Revenue via Google AdSense ads and Adsense alternatives ads read now.
Best Ways to Increase Adsense CTR 2016 CPC & CPM
Best Ways to Increase Adsense CTR 

Here is the list of Increase Adsense CTR,CPC,CPM

1.Responsive blog template & Design

The first thing you need to check your template is responsive both Mobile and Display Optimize or not Still check blog design is best for AdSense ads, what is the best temple for AdSense ads, you may insert add on the top of header and sidebar, Let see the example this or my same blog.Check your site mobile friendly or not.

2.Check Adsense Program Policy 

Now you need to check Guidelines of Google term of condition how to use ads and other info here is Adsense term of condition details.

3.Use Adsense Heatmap Recommended Ad unit

 Use Adsense Heatmap Ads Unit but Recommended you will be added according to your blog website design, this ad will  help for increasing CTR so don't forget to use it.
Adsense Heatmap Recommended Ad unit
Adsense Heatmap Recommended Ad 

4.Use Both Text and Image Adsense ads

Text & Image ads will give you more chances to increase your revenue mostly people are using both ads so use this for better earning.
Text and Image Adsense ads
Text and Image Adsense ads

5.Don't Insert too much internal linking 

Don't use irrelevant Internal links on your single page and you must fix your broken link which is you already remove your website, don't use too many links but it's Good for SEO but it's not Good for revenue if you will use lots of internal links.

6.Don't Do paid traffic & other Trick

Don't use buy AdSense clicks or don't generate traffic on your website when you do it may be your AdSense account will be banned, Don’t align ads with your images that will also affect your reputation.

7.ADD Google Search Bux

This search box will help you more income visitor will search more post what he wants It's better for you and when he search other pages you will see growth your earning.

8.Use Link ad & Verticle link ad

if you want to more Revenue from AdSense ads then you must insert link ad on your post you can use on the top of post auto link ad and under the post verticle link ad but which will be better for your blog colour and Design

Use Link ad & Verticle link ad
Verticle link ad
Above all Method,  for you, can increase more revenue by using this method don't forget to find the relevant post.

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