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If you are small blogger or big blogger doesn't matter keyword rules SEO Rules for all people same method, if you want to make a Good Strategy for your blog post then make a Good title keyword for  your post which i will say about this long tail keyword with this keyword your same post will be searched for a long time how to create a complete blog with rules of SEO but this one i already discuss in this post i will show you how to make a long tail keyword for long search so, if you want to know about that then read more here.

In My post title Best keyword tool that mean with this tools you will Get high and powerful keyword for long time search if you are operating any of web site its very important for you to know Simply will search your specific keyword tools will show you numbers of data about your keyword details includes keywords bids, search duration, monthly search, low high medium, keyword but if you are making post long search strategy then always select low better but also choose medium it is will help for a long time. 

Best Keyword Research tools list here.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner one of the best and most Popular keyword research tool which is part of adword and it's worked freely Mostly all bloggers will use this tools me also, if you  are not using this and you want to drive more traffic on your website then use it.
Google Keyword Planner

Simply Login your account means google account then search on Google Google keyword Planner after browsing nex page you will enter your specific keyword after that in below on your screen you can see details also change your location I mean which country is better for search this keyword also change the language.
For entering URL of a competitor of the landing page, it will give you ranking web page.


It is one of another but best Keyword research tool for long tail keywords but this tools will give you for search your best keyword for Google Search or Youtube Search, Bing, Amazon and app store Search It's free but if you want to do Monthly Search CPC rates or Competition then you need to pay for premium version  you still search your keyword and see only keyword

Simply Go here and Search any keyword like youtube, google, bing, app store, Amazon and Get Result of your keyword. it shows you the questions that can be formed using your seed keyword. Thus, you can directly use these questions in creating new blog posts that will give you organic traffic.


Its another best keyword tool for making a long tail keyword but its not shows monthly search bids, cpc or low medium and high competition but better shows only long tails keyword if you want long tail keyword.


It is Premium and free version research tool that will help you anything any details of you keyword like monthly search, CPC PPC and still shows seo possibility details.

Very Simple to Use Go here then enter your keyword select country and language then it shows all of the details your keyword and shows top website link which is using the same keyword which you are searching but It will show the rank of link website.

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