4 ways to Add hyperlink To PDF File

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If you want to add A Link to PDf Ducument than it is best toturial for you because pdf under the contant area link best slideshare website which you can upload only pdf file but if you insert link under your contant on pdf file after when you upload this file on slideshare and with pdf link you can Get quality backlink on slideshare and money other pdf supported website.

How to Add a Link in Docs 

First i recommend use Google docs its best and you don't need any pdf converter sofware just you need google chrome browser Simply Go to file and New
then Go to Document
after that you can see a blank page write anyting any paragraph you want then how to insert a link on your under the page
click link button or Select any of text and click link button next appearing box
insert on link which you want to make link text See Screen shot of Google Docs link for pdf file
Google Docs Add a Link
Google Docs Add a Link
After this you can Click file then Go to Download as now you can choose which formet is better for you pdf or other you can download it. above link solution you can do another way by going on the top mune bar then go to insert then click link other method is same.

How to Add a Link in Ms word 

Click Insert then Go to Link then Go to hyperlink after Clik this you can See this 
Add Link To MS Word to PDF or other format

Now Insert Link on same page or another webpage as your Need Maybe if possible we creat video about this after create link now go to 
File + Export
then Create pdf to save it.

How to Add a Link in Photoshop

Open Photshop
Select the "Slice Tool" from the Toolbox> this option you See Crop tool
Click Slic tool 
Drag the cursor over the area that you want to be clickable. To create a single hyperlink on an image
if you want to do one hyperlink or more you can do it
when you will slect area of text where you want to create a link 
Double click after you can see popup bux where you can ad your link and other settings See screen shots.
How to Add a Link in Photoshop 1
How to Add a Link in Photoshop 2
How to Add a Link in Photoshop 3

Now Set name Link Adress target Massage and alt tags, and other setings as well as possible
How to Add a Link in Photoshop 4
Select HTML AND images or any other you can select it after save and done.

How to Add a Link in PDF Reader

Go to PDF Reader then Go to Tools then 
Advance Editing tools then 
Select Retangular link tools or other link tools you can use with your need
Click Retangular Link tools and select text area where you want to make linkable Se this
How to Add a Link in PDF Reader 1
when you will be Retanguler link tools you can able to select text area simply select area next bux will be appear here you can select Open a webpage and click next next box enter url your link and ok.See this.
How to Add a Link in PDF Reader 2
How to Add a Link in PDF Reader 3

Now Click ok and done this.


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