Top 6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Youtube Video Monitizaiton

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Before Discuss Google Adsense Alternatives for your website Now I am Going to Share with you Top Best Adsense Alternative Youtube for Your videos because I saw On Youtube Maney of Youtubers published videos for make Money but with Adsense Ads at the and of the Day, Earning is very low so, For Users Demand I am Going to share some top Website which is better for your youtube channel earning with this AdSense youtube alternative you can earn a Huge amount every day what you have to do it.

Best for Youtube Adsense Alternatives Video Monetization

Top 6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Youtube Video Mobitizaiton

what is Requirement & other info: If you have a Youtube Channel Doesn't Metter you have big Numbers of Followers Channel or Smaller Its Great Offer for you  can Earn Money trough this Networks, if you Channel is New or Disable by Google or any other reason even if your Channel not Eligible for Monetization don't worry you can Earn Money Your Youtube Videos easily.

when we Discuss Youtube Monetization youtube pays you 55% of that revenue and keeps the 45%, encouraging YouTubers to upload more quality & unique videos and make more money but MCN networks is tested Networks which pay you some of 25% or some of 50% or some of More Its Different you can read more here.

1. AdRev Youtube Video Monetization

AdRev Youtube Video Monetization

This is most Popular Youtube Monetization Network for your Youtube Channel if you have Great Content Video and another Great thing Adrew will Promote your Channel for all network its Trusted for Monetization network.

Requirements & Features

  1. 500 visits per day
  3. 70-30 Revenue Sharing
  4. Suitable for All Channels
  5. Min. Payout $10 via PayPal

Join Now

2. Full-screen media Adsense Alternatives Youtube Video Monetization 

Full-screen media Adsense Alternatives Youtube Video Monetization

This is Another Full-Screen Global Networks Youtube Video Monetization Network with this you can Design your video Thumbnail by one of this tools and also boost your channels on youtube search and you can Get 500,000+ completely free music and sound effects for making Videos, Huge Youtube Creators Communities to help.

Requirements & Features

for best Newest Channels

80-20 Revenue Sharing
Min. Payout 50 via PayPal
Original Content

Apply Now

3. Freedom Best Youtube Partner Network

 Freedom Best Youtube Partner Network

This Network New but Trusted network because You can sign up if you have 33 Views per days and no need contract even if your video is copied don't worry this network will help you to Make Money and It will pay you if you have $1.

 Requirements & Features

33 visits per day
Up to 95% Revenue Sharing
all channels including; Gaming, Music, Vlog, Beauty, and so on
Min. Payout $1 via PayPal

Apply Now

4. VidGenX Youtube Partner Program

VidGenX Youtube Partner Program

This Network is a New Network which is Staring from 2015 and It will help you to Increase your youtube Channel Views subscriber, sponsorship, providing Content ID to our VIP partner with high revenue earnings and 300,000+ royalty free music + sound effects [250,000+] with advanced tools and features No Numbers of Views Requirement and no Contract.

 Requirements & Features

95% Revenue Sharing
All channels Catagories: Gaming, music, Vlogging, beauty, and so on
Min. Payout $1 via PayPal and other.

Apply Now.

5. FilmSection Youtube Adsense Alternative

FilmSection Youtube Adsense Alternative
This is Famous Network for Youtube Earning Its Highly Recommended Network, also best for  More Views on your youtube Channel, 95% Revenue Sharing Network and no Numbers of Views Requirement.

 Requirements & Features

Three months no-lock in trial
95% Revenue Sharing
Monthly payout via PayPal, Bank Transfer or the Western Union.
No withholding tax - You earn 100% of everything you make.

6. Machinima Youtube Monetization Network

Machinima Youtube Monetization Network

Its Popular Youtube network its Promote your youtube Channel if you are running Gaming Channel then it's better for you but this is 3 Year Contract and another Good thing 150k Music and other things which are best you're making the video.

 No particular views conditions.

75-25 Revenue Sharing
Best Suitable for Gaming, 
Payout via PayPal

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