Impress Everyone With 5 Super Cool Tricks Or Shortcuts Of Windows

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If you are Window Users and you need to shortcuts keys that means you are working anything but you want to do anything with short keys, Or you don't have time or you don't have mouse in this situation you can easily your word by Pressing your keyboard, like How to do Private Browsing for Google Chrome and Firefox, How to Use two Tab in one Screen, how you can do up and down in your browser page and some more, If you want to know please read and watch videos for more info.
Impress Your Friends With 5 Super Cool Tricks Or Shortcuts Of Windows

It is very easy method if you Follow this step:

  1. Open Your Browser  and Press on Your Keyboard CTRL+Shit+T for New Tab Shortcuts Keys.

How to Make an Private Browsing

  1. For Chrome Users Press CTRL+Shift+N
  2. For FireFox Users Press CTRL+Shift+P

After Private Browsing anything you want to browse if will not be shown in Chrome History and FireFox History, this method is very Good for those who open their Online Bank Account with Private Browsing they can Easily browse with complete safety:
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How to Open two Same Browser in One Screen On Your Computer with Shortcuts Keys.

  1. Open two time Your browser that means first already open and now open again
  2. Click one First Browser and Press window button+Arrow Key and Simerly like second open browser do this method
  3. Now Adjust Your both browser with your Need and Enjoy!
If you did Not know about Window key let see in below picture
Window key button

this two window open one screen is very helpful for those people who write Article, any Assignment and any more thing they can easily do this.

How to Scroll Down by Using Shortcuts Keys

  1. Going Down Press Space bar Only 
  2. Going Down Press Space+Shift

More Shortcuts only One keys

  1. Press Window Button+ X
If you Don't Understand about above method please watch in below video for more help and Subscribe Youtube Channel for more Tips and Tricks.

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