8 Ways TravelSim Makes Traveling Easier

8 Ways TravelSim Makes Traveling Easier

A travel sim card can be used with your phone.

When we travel, we are lost without our phones. It can be difficult to research the best international phone plan or international data plan for your phone, but it’s worth it. I wanted to try out the TravelSim card when it was offered to me. The short story is that I would recommend their international sim card to you. TravelSim made my phone travel- ready.

1 TravelSim is a lot cheaper than Canadian roaming fees.

Bell, Telus, and Rogers all charge $12 per day for their international roaming plans, and Canadians have little choice. There is no price competition between the big 3 companies. Theroam like home plans don’t give you any additional data unlimited data sim, and they charge you a fee to use up your existing plan’s data from afar. The maximum monthly fees that the carriers will charge you is capped at $120 dollars for usage in the US and $180 for international roaming. If you go away for 10 days to England, you can expect an extra $120 on your bill.

If your company is paying for an international phone plan, then TravelSim is a better option for you.

TravelSim has international phone and data plans.

Flat-rate roaming fees from your home carrier can be more expensive than TravelSim. You purchase a TravelSim card for fifteen dollars and then you set up an account with TravelSim.com. This is also where you can buy airtime that you can use to make outgoing phone calls and text messages, or have stress-free access to the internet with one of their international data plans.

On the TravelSim website, you can set your language and currency so that the rates and offers appear in your own money. If your order is over $75 you can get free shipping. Allow at least a week for it to arrive before you leave.

The TravelSim phone/text/data plan starts at $10 and allows you to make outgoing calls, text and surf the Net. Even with the smallest package from TravelSim, any incoming phone calls or text messages are free. It won’t cost you anything if someone has to contact you and they have a way to reach you. $10 is well spent to ensure peace of mind.

Airtime plans offer you discounted rates on outgoing phone calls and texts, but you should avoid sending small texts like “hi” since they will cost you more. If you travel again, your unused airtime credit will stay in your account for a year.

4. TravelSim data plans are organized by destination

You can choose an international data plan only if you don’t need phone or text options, and TravelSim makes it easy to choose one based on where you are.

If you want internet access while you are traveling around the world, you can pay as little as $19 for 500 megabyte of data on TravelSim’s ‘Zone A’ plan. Zone A has 75 countries. You can choose a lot more data.

Data plans are as low as $19.

The TravelSim Europe plan is more economical if you are only going to Europe and don’t need 75 countries. If you want to know which TravelSim data plans work best for where you are going and how long you need it, you should look at all the different destination data packages.

Select the countries you are visiting and TravelSim will suggest data plan options for you.

A good plan would be the Europe destination/date plan, which costs $19 for 5GB and is valid for 14 days.

Airtime and data can be purchased with TravelSim, but you can get better rates on phone calls with a combination of the two. Maybe you need less airtime and more data if you really need internet access, or maybe you need to have more airtime for calling and texting.

It is easier to buy a local card than it is to buy an international sim card.

One of the cheapest ways to set up a phone in another country is to buy a local sim card.

It comes with some drawbacks, like the fact that we didn’t speak Portuguese to call the phone company or read the instructions, and the fact that we purchased a local sim card after arriving in Portugal. You can’t depend on someone who helped you.

We used a local sim card from a Portuguese company.

We didn’t know what our phone number was until we paid for our sim card. We were unable to give our new number to anyone before we left. We did not know which countries were included.

Before you leave, you should know your TravelSim phone number.

You can get your international number on the phone.

You can get your international phone number before you leave your own country with TravelSim. If you let people know how to reach you, your calls are free.

You can set this up before you leave if you want to use any services that need your phone number. If the flight alert wants to send delays or cancelations to your phone, it should.

The first few digits of your number are the country code for international dialling, so be sure to give out the complete number.

It is easy to add more data.

No problem, if you find you have been calling or surfing more than you planned. You can purchase more credit from wherever you are, no matter where you are. Since this is done on an English website, you don’t have to worry about a local phone company whose language you don’t speak.

Bring your online account information with you so you can log in whenever you please.

It works the same at home as it does at work.

Once you have received your TravelSim card and are ready to travel, you should be able to use your date or airtime plan online. This is your phone, so you can do what you always do: surf the net, post photos to social media, text, make phone calls, etc.

People like posting to their social networks at home.

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It is a fact that travelling with your phone is easier. Whether we use our smart phone to translate menus, keep in touch back home, make reservations on the fly, or just navigate when we are lost, it is part of our travel gear. We wanted to know if TravelSim was the best international sim card for us. The setup was easy and the rates were affordable. We will happily be using the TravelSim card again in the future.

Advertisements MORE TIPS:

You need to make sure that your phone is unlocked in order to use any other sim card. Contact your carrier to make sure your phone is unlocked or have them do it for you, but allow a day for that to happen.

Even with a reasonably priced data package from TravelSim, it is always a good idea to use local wi-fi wherever you are, because this means you won’t be tapping into your own data plan. Many hotels around the world offer free internet, so you can take advantage of it whenever you want.

If you choose a TravelSim plan that covers multiple countries, you will be notified by text message whenever you cross into a different country, so be prepared. It doesn’t mean you’ve moved into a new region. As long as that country is part of your plan, you are covered.

TravelSim has a lot of offers on their website, so make sure to check them out.

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