Create Crud Operation Using Node.js and Mongoose

Create Crud Operation Using Node.js and Mongoose

In this post, we will learn how to create an operation. The operation was created using mongoose and node.js. We solved all of the related questions like crud using mongodb, crud operation with node.js and mongodb, and so on.

We have a simple way to create a operation using mongoose.

Crud Operation using Node.js Express MongoDB

Step 1 : Install MongoDB

The mongoDB environment can be installed on your system. Go to the official website for mongoDB.

step 2: Install required packages

You can easily insert a mongoose document in your project.

  • Express – popular web framework;

The body-parser allows access to the req.body property.

property; mongoose – Mongoose provides a straight-forward;

To install the express module, follow the command to install it.

npm init -y npm i express body-parser mongodb

Node.js crud operation with mongodb example

We will import mongoose module and connect with mongoDB database after creating the db.js file. Your model is included in the file.

If (!err) console.log is true, then const mongoose is required.

handlebars require views flutter tutorial for beginners folder if you have them

How to create a crud operation with node.js and mongodb is explained in the style sheet.

In this file, we have created a basic form to get data from mongoose. In this form, we have displayed user data.

h3>btn btn-secondary class>i class>create new user list/i>

The server.js file should be in the root directory. You can run this file on your project. This file has a connection file.

Require(“./db”); const path, const express, const bodyparser, const exphbs, const

In the file, we have created a routers and written some code to get data from mongoose and how to use mongoose.

The const express, const mongoose, and const Users are all related.

After completing all the steps, you can enter the following command.

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