Eco-Friendly Activewear Brands

Eco-Friendly Activewear Brands

Eco-friendly sportswear, gym wear, yoga clothes, and outdoor adventure gear are available from these ethical tie dye shorts and sustainable brands.

What makes an athletic brand ethical?

Synthetic fabrics are usually used in workout clothing. Organic cotton can be used for light workouts. It is a good idea to look for materials made from recycled, up-cycled, or regenerated content when using synthetic fibers.

When recycled synthetic fabrics are washed, they release microfibers that kill marine life.

To prevent microfibers from being shed into waterways, be sure to place your garments made from synthetic fabrics in a Guppyfriend Washing Bag that can catch microfibers.

Fair Trade certifications are signs of transparency. Does the brand’s website give specific information about wages and conditions for workers? Do they have a system for tracking? Is the brand able to tell me where the garments are being made? Do they go to thefactories themselves? Do they have photos and videos from the factories? Do countries they source from have high labor standards? What are they doing to make sure these factories uphold high standards?

I know this is a lot, so to help you sort out fact from greenwashing on your search for truly eco-friendly athletic clothing and gear, I have put together a guide of sustainable brands with either all ecologically friendly and ethical activewear or with at least some responsibly-made collections. I made sure to include what to look for from certain brands if they only have sustainable or ethical collections.

This guide includes partners. All brands meet strict standards for sustainable living and we think you will love them too.

1 Kaira Active is comfortable, durable, and versatile. The sports bras and bottoms are made from reclaimed fishing nets and other nylon waste. Each luxuriously soft piece is made in California by makers who make more than the minimum wage in the state.

The leggings, bras, tops, and shorts are made from recycled material. The brand pays 125% of the minimum wage, and provides health insurance. Diverse models are always used in Girlfriend’s campaigns. The check out girl is a size range.

The values of the natives are what inspired the creation of Inhala Soulwear. The brand does everything it can to honor nature. Inhala Soulwear uses recycled and regenerated materials in their collections. They use both recycled and recyclable packaging. There is a check out inhala soulwear.

You will feel good moving in because ourCommonplace has functional, fashionable, and eco-friendly activewear. The WOC-owned marketplace has brands like 1 People and LEONNORD, which use recycled plastic bottles. Check out our commonplace

Day/Won Day/Won is an eco-minded brand with uniquely designed clothing. They have a great variety of prints. The brand uses recycled synthetics for most of their collection. Not all of their pieces are made with recycled materials. There is a size range ofXS to 5XL.

The bras, leggings, and shorts are made from recycled plastic bottles. Whether it is yoga class, a hike on a nearby trail, or running around for your Saturday groceries, the brand’s sustainable activewear is designed to support your active lifestyle. Explore Wolven has a size range.

There are vibrant colors and bold, geometric designs made from recycled materials. The eco-friendly sportswear brand has bras, leggings, and sets in lightweight fabrics for warmer days and light activities as well as in mid-weight fabrics for the cooler weather. The size range is the Explore AHM.

Reprise is an Eco-friendly brand that makes activewear made from renewable resources. The brand is trying to source a portion of their blend from plant-based sources. Makers earning living wages in LA, NYC and New Jersey make Reprise’s plant-based activewear.

It is clear by the brand name that they have a sustainable approach. Organic cotton, recycled nylon, and recycled wool are some of the premium, durable, and eco-friendly fibers that are supplied by Organic Basics. The brand only works with factories with respected third-party certifications. The size range is Explore Organic.

Allbirds is an eco-friendly natural sneaker brand that has recently launched activewear. The sustainable leggings, tanks, and shorts are made from a variety of materials. Check out all the birds.

Patagonia uses eco-conscious materials such as organic cotton, Tencel® lyocell, andHemp for many of their products and follows responsible construction practices, such as improving existing buildings instead of building new ones whenever possible for their retail stores and using solar panels at their headquarters.

The creator of Kuychi Cauldron is an Indigenous Peruvian American. Natural dyes and fibers are used to make each piece. The knit tank tops and leggings are made from a sustainable fabric that is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The check out is in the size range.

13 The Threads 4 Thought brand is an affordable ethical and sustainable fashion brand. The fabrics the brand sources are earth friendly. The brand donates part of their profits to the International Rescue Committee. Explore Threads 4 Thought has an extended size collection.

The prAna Prana brand is made with care. There are many products made from sustainable materials. Look for the leaf icon. Fair Trade Certified factories make many of the conscious adventure and athletic wear brand’s products. The product details should say “Fair Trade Factory Certified”. There are all Fair Trade products here. Explore prAna is a size range.

The organic label is the most affordable option among the sustainable brands. PACT is an eco-friendly brand. PACT has been committed to Fair Trade since the very beginning. Toxic dyes are not used in the sustainable fashion brand’s products. Use code CONSCIOUSSTYLE20 for 20% off.

A sustainable yoga and activewear brand with sleek pieces made from natural, earth-friendly fabrics instead of synthetic fibers. The fabrics they use are sustainable. The label guarantees that the dye-houses have water treatments that are free of harmful effects on the environment. The same area where their garments are made is where the custom-designed fabrics are knitted.

17 The Vege Threads yoga apparel is made from a combination of organic cotton and stretchy spandex. The signature colors of Vege Threads are dyed with low toxic dyes in Australia and with plant-based dyes inBali. All of the brand’s eco-friendly pieces are made in an accredited facility.

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