Gender-Neutral Fashion in 2020

Gender-Neutral Fashion in 2020

Image Credit: Stella Mccartney

The terms androgynous, and gender neutral have become buzz words in the world of fashion. Many brands are changing their name to reflect the changing space of the industry. Gucci is one of the brands that has erased these terms from their vocabulary.

A survey done in the year of 2017 shows that 6.9% of British people identify as non-binary, a figure which only seems to grow as people are becoming more accepting of diverse gender expressions. Sam Smith, who identifies as non-binary, and Cyrus, who identifies as gender-fluid, are some celebrity genderqueer people. The expression of gender is reaching new limits clothing and breaking old rules. It is important to acknowledge the impact of gender-neutral or gender breaking clothing in the industry and society as a whole.

It is not accepted for men to wear women’s clothing, like KimKarma or Kate Moss in Dior Mens, the same as it is for women to wear men’s clothing. Jaden Smith was cast for a Louis Vuitton campaign. Many felt enraged when the rapper was seen in a skirt. Young Thug and Harry Styles both posed for the cover of Vogue in Gucci dresses, and this is similar to that. The more conservative general public was angry with author Candace Owens for saying to bring back manly men. Many people stood up for Styles and the queer community who dress gender-fluid on a daily basis, despite the fact that he broke gender norms on the cover of the most famous magazine. This year will bring more support and awareness to androgynous fashion, which was brought about by 2020

The fashion industry is more open to embracing a gender-neutral wardrobe. Galliano for Maison Margiela said what is masculinity and femininity today. I hope this journey will help us discover a new sensuality, a new sexuality, breaking down preconceived ideas of what’s masculine and what’s feminine. He sold his collection as ‘unisex’.

Levi’s and McCartney’s collections were promoting the same thing. Customers shopping outside of their gender specific section for a wider range of clothing is what led to this.

It is important to remember that those embracing the idea of genderless fashion before it became trendy. This includes many people. The idea of dressing as you please is not new. It has been put into the spotlight in recent years.

The past year has brought us great awareness to the subject of gender neutral clothing. Does this mean that in the year 2021, gender-fluidity will be fully embraced? There is still a lot of work to be done. Levi’s did a great job of listening to their customers and designing their collection that way. This year is likely to be a gender-breaking one as fashion brands are more aware of the possibilities that come with gender-neutral clothing.

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