Grandma Birthstone Necklaces – A Great Gift for Grandma With a

Grandma Birthstone Necklaces – A Great Gift for Grandma With a

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A necklace with a birthstone is a gift that will be enjoyed and worn for many years to come. Our necklaces are personalized and start at under $50.

There are few things that grandmothers love more than their children and grandchildren. Most women love jewelry and can always use more.

A necklace with her grandchild’s names is a wonderful way to combine two of her favorite things.

My Heart Belongs to My Grandkids Necklace

This pendant mother daughter necklaces is a great way for grandma to show her love for her children.

The message “My Heart Belongs to my Grandkids” is engraved at the center of the heart.

The names of up to 15 grandchildren can be added.

The heart is surrounded by 15 smaller links which have a crystal of a grandchild’s birthstone.

The brilliant birthstones can be seen from both sides of the pendant.

Personalized Family Tree Necklace with Names and Birthstones

A necklace made from a family tree is a wonderful gift.

The family tree design is a striking feature of the solid sterling silver.

You can add up the family members by looking at the leaf.

The branches have crystal birthstone charms.

Trendy Birthstone & Name Necklace

Add Any Name to the Center

This necklace can be personalized in a number of ways.

The middle of the pendant has a name engraved in it.

A great choice for the grandmother with a large family is to add up to 15 sparkling Swarovski crystal birthstones.

Birthstone Charm Necklace

Silver or Gold

The necklace is a great way for grandma to have a token for each of her children.

You can fit charms on this necklace.

A beautiful birthstone charm can be added to the family when a new grandchild is added.

Infinity Necklace with Grandma’s Birthstone

Silver, Yellow, Rose or White Gold

The necklace is striking and perfect for showing love for your grandchild.

You can choose between genuine 10k or 14k gold in yellow, rose or white gold, or sterling silver.

There are up to 12 grandkids’s birthstones in the center of grandma’s birthstone.

If you are an Amazon prime member, you will be able to get free shipping.

Heart Shaped Necklace with Grandmother’s Birthstone

Silver or Gold

A necklace with her granddaughters’ birthstones is a meaningful gift because you think of love.

The pendant has a small delicate heart at the top of the larger open heart that cradles the grandma’s birthstone.

The children or grandchildren are represented by sparkling Austrian crystal birthstones that slide freely at the bottom of the larger open heart.

There are two options, either sparkling sterling silver or 14k gold plated.

Diamond Cross and Heart Grandma Necklace with Birthstones

Combine her faith and family love in a gift that is thoughtful.

A sterling steel cross is adorned with gold.

The cross is surrounded by a heart with up to 6 birthstones.

A diamond is located in the center of the cross.

Any woman is sure to love wearing this accessory.

My Family, My Joy Necklace

This stylish pendant is a great way for grandma to show her love for her grandsons.

Each roundel charm is plated with 24K-gold and personalized with the name and birthdate of a grandchild.

The chain can be changed into six charms, which are also interchangeable.

The necklace has a silver- plated heart charm engraved with the words “Love” and “My Family, My Joy” on one side and the sentiment “My Family, My Joy” on the other.

Gold Family Tree Birthstone Necklace with Names

Choose Yellow or Rose Gold

The family tree pendant is available in both yellow gold and hard-to- find rose gold.

The outer circle has up to 10 grandchildren’s names engraved on it.

A delicate family tree is adorned with the corresponding Swarovski birthstones.

Same day shipping is available for last minute gifts.

This necklace is in rose gold.

This necklace is made of sterling silver.

Our Family is Held Together By Love Necklace

The gorgeou necklace is a great gift for grandma and her grandchildren.

The engraved open-heart pendant in sterling silver has up to 6 names on one side. A diamond is on the tip of the heart.

The engraved side of the heart is a precious message that says “Our Family is held together by Love.”

The birthstones of each grandchild are in the middle of the heart.

Circle Diamond Grandma Necklace with Names and Birthstones

In Gold or Silver

The pendant is gorgeous and will please most Grandmothers.

The inner circle charm is made of genuine diamonds and Austrian crystal.

The outer circle has the names of the grandchildren engraved.

You can choose between 14k gold or sterling silver for the pendant, so you can match her style.

A wonderful gift for Mother’s Day or any other special occasion.

Grandmother Necklace with Grandchildren’s Names and Birthstones

Choose Gold or Silver

A contemporary pendant is a great choice for a woman with a lot of children.

You can choose from shimmering gold plated or sparkling sterling silver.

The pendant has up to 6 names and is made of brass.

Infinity Grandma Necklace with Birthstones

The necklace is a perfect way to show grandma’s love for her children.

The pendant can be personalized with up to 6 charms.

A diamond is in the middle of the letter O.

The key to my heartstone birth Locket is either silver, gold or rose gold.

A necklace made from a birthstone makes a wonderful gift.

The locket has a lovely open filigree design which shows off the colorful birthstones.

It’s perfect for the grandmother with a larger family.

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