NewAir 24” Built-In Dual Zone 18 Bottle and 58 Can Wine and Beverage Fridge Review

NewAir 24” Built-In Dual Zone 18 Bottle and 58 Can Wine and Beverage Fridge Review

If there is a wine lover in the house, what happens if there is no beverage fridge? A beverage fridge that can hold both bottles of wine and cans of beverages is a great choice. Wine and other drinks can be kept chilled at the proper temperature with the option to have dual temperature settings. It is possible to install it as a built-in under counter beverage fridge or a freestanding model.

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We took a closer look at the New Air 24” Built-in dual zone bottle and 58 can wine and beverage fridge and it was one of the most popular models available.

The New Air 24” built-in dual zone wine and beverage fridge is a great all-around beverage refrigerator that should satisfy all your guests.

Things To Consider Before You Buy

There are a few things you should think about before buying a beverage fridge.

What capacity do you need?

No under counter beverage fridge is going to be big enough if you are throwing a lot of parties. A built-in model is just the right size for casual entertainer or family use. You want to have enough bottles of wine handy to get you through a gathering and enough room for cans or bottles for people who prefer other drinks. The best thing about a beverage fridge is that it saves room in the fridge and cuts down on the opening and closing of the door.

Do you need a single or dual-zone fridge?

The dual-zone version is most versatile. If you want to display your prized vintages, a larger dual zone wine fridge is the best option. Even people who don’t drink a lot of wine will want to have some on hand and ready to serve for guests with this type of fridge.

Do you want a built-in model?

If you purchase a built-in wine fridge that is specifically made to be installed under a counter, it is not hard to install. This is important because it has to do with the cooling and venting of your fridge and improper usage can be hazardous and will affect its longevity. Measure the fridge before you buy to make sure it fits in your space. If you decide to install it at a later date, you can use a built-in model or a freestanding one.

There is a New Air 24” built-in dual zone bottle and beverage fridge.

We received New Air’s 24” Built-in dual zone beverage fridge to review, which was set up and tested for you.


The unit arrived in perfect shape and was delivered in a simple manner. There was a second box in the outer box that was sitting on top of the platform that was insulated with foam. The box was easy to slip off. It is easy to remove the fridge from the packing platform once it is open. The beverage fridge is big. It is not difficult for one person to move it around if you are strong.


Attach the french door handle best airtight containerss to the NewAir beverage fridge and you are good to go. It is easy to remove the packing foam from the side of the fridge that is taped closed. The door handles, along with the four screws, are in a separate container. All you need is aPhillips head screwdriver.

You need to pull out the rubber gasket behind the screw holes to attach the handles. It is not hard to do, but I was a little nervous as it felt like I was going to damage it. There is a hole in the door and a hole in the handle. The rubber gasket is pushed back into place after you screw it in. It took very little time.

There was a hitch when one of the screws wouldn’t fit into the predrilled hole. The handle was the problem after all the screws were tested. I was given a chance to try out New Air’s customer service and it was very helpful. A new handle was on its way after a few minutes on the phone.

You need to allow 24 hours before plugging in the fridge to make sure it settles after being shipped. When we plugged it in and checked the temperature settings, it quickly cooled down and was ready to stock with drinks.

Great Features

The fridge has a clean, sophisticated look with its French doors. The handles are easy to grasp. It looks great as a stand alone beverage fridge because of its smooth and seamless exterior. When you leave it on, the blue lighting looks great.

Digital control panels

It is easy to control the temperature on this fridge. Each side has a digital temperature read out with buttons to adjust the temp up or down. The panel can be used to set the interior blue lighting to be on continuously or only when you open the door. You will not be able to reach the plug, but you can still turn it off by pressing and holding the power button for five seconds.

The Wine Fridge

A regular dual zone wine fridge has 18 bottles of wine in it’s side. There is enough room for a variety of items to be used at any time. This part of the fridge has a number of great features.

  • Each shelf has three standard bottles and one in the center facing the opposite direction.
  • You can’t accidentally pull it out of the back shelf. There is a shelf full of bottles. There is a notch on each side of the shelf that lets you remove it. If you want to store more bottles, this is a good option.
  • There are two champagne-sized bottles on the bottom shelf that don’t fit on the other shelves.
  • The temperature range for the wine fridge is from 41 to 72 degrees.
  • The blue light in the wine fridge can be turned off if you leave it on for the beverage side.

The Beverage Fridge

The fridge can hold up to 58 cans. This is a good size for daily use. This side of the unit has a lot to love.

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  • The temperature range for the unit is between 36 and 72 degrees.
  • The side of the fridge that has a wide temperature range could be used for wine if necessary.

The wooden wine shelves have a curve at the back that prevents them from sliding all the way. You can adjust the depth of the shelf by removing the notch on each side.

  • You can put standard-size cans at the back of the shelf and taller bottles or cans in the front of the shelf.
  • Being able to store different types of cans and bottles in different places is great. If your friends are coming and you need more craft brew at the ready, you can just shuffle things around. The same applies to cans of drinks.

There is a security lock and key for each side if there are children in the house. You can leave the wine fridge section locked if you fill the beverage side with soft drinks. If there are teenagers in the house, you can leave both sides of the house stocked with your favorite drinks, lock it up and not worry about anything.

Access to Mechanicals

The vent is at the bottom of the structure. There is a black pan under the plastic tubing that you can see if you look in the back.

The New Air 24” built-in dual zone wine and beverage fridge is a great all-around beverage refrigerator that should satisfy all your guests.

The Bottom Line

The NewAir 24” Built-in dual zone bottle and 58 can wine and beverage fridge is a great all-around beverage refrigerator that should satisfy all your guests. It looks great as a freestanding unit and has lots of great features. The only way to improve the current style is to use a heftier wood for the wine rack, but that is just a personal preference and has nothing to do with the current style.

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