Propane Generators For RV Power

Propane Generators For RV Power

A propane generator is a popular way to get power in an RV. You are not alone if propane generators intimidate you. Finding the right generator, amount of propane, and hookups can be hard.

We take a closer look at propane RV generators, their benefits and how to use them. Let’s get going.

What Is an RV Propane Generator?

A propane generator for an RV is similar to a gas or diesel-powered generator except the fuel is propane.

Some RV’s come with an onboard propane generator that is plumbed into the gas system. Others convert their gasoline-powered generators to propane-powered models.

Propane is one of the most popular fuels for generators. It burns cleaner, requires less maintenance and has a longer shelf-life.

A liquid propane generator is what the generator is called.

How Do You Use an RV Propane Generator?

A propane generator is very easy to use. Double-checking the connection is secure is the first thing you should do. Next, turn on the tank, check for leaks, and follow your generator instructions.

You can use your generator the same way you would any generator for RV power–charging batteries best airtight containers, running high-powered equipment, and more.


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What Are RV Propane Generators Used For?

You can use a propane generator like a gas generator. RVers use generators to power their amenities. They can be used to run things.

If you want to run your air conditioner and RV generator at the same time, you need a big enough generator. A generator can be used for increased power demand.

The size of your generator is the only thing that can be used in an RV.

If you have the right size generator, you can use it as a safety net for your power sources. Do I need a generator for my RV?

A propane generator can be used to run equipment.

Is Propane Generators as powerful as Diesel or Gas?

Yes and no 25% less power is produced by propane than by gasoline. Burning more fuel or using a larger generator can be used to compensate for this.

propane generators emit 12% less Co2 and 20% less Nox than gasoline for the same power output They are a more eco friendly choice. Running a propane-powered generator at your campsite can be safer for you because of the less harmful fumes.

The Benefits of Using a Propane-Powered RV Generator

There are many advantages to using a propane generator. If you read the reasons other RVers have made the switch, you might want to get one of your own.

They are quieter than gasoline or diesel. The design of the generator may be more important than the fuel.

The shelf-life of propane is much longer than other fuels. You don’t have to worry about your generator not working the next time you need it because it will sit for months without running. When they sit for a long time, gas and diesel break down. One of the best features of a propane generator in an RV is that it can be stored for a long time.

When we used the generator, it fired up fine after sitting for many years without running. This wouldn’t have happened with gasoline.

RV propane generators have less maintenance than gasoline or diesel generators. You will need to clean them regularly.

propane is a cleaner fuel. When running on propane, you won’t have the icky exhaust smell that comes from gas or diesel generators.

Should you use a portable generator or a built-in one?

RV’s come with built-in generators that are convenient. A portable model could be helpful. Should you use a portable propane generator?


Buying a portable generator from the get-go is a great idea if you don’t already have a generator. It won’t be a big problem to store it, you’ll need to find a way to move it.

A propane model will not stink up the area that you store it in. You end up with a stinky storage bay after using a gas generator. After you use a propane generator, the smell is gone.

There are portable propane generators that can be used in your RV.

A portable generator is easy to use. All you have to do is get a propane tank, and you can fill it at any gas station. propane generators are an excellent choice for RVers

You have more options outside of your RV with a portable generator. If you want to take a camping trip without your RV, a portable power unit makes it easy.

This kit can be used to convert portable generators to run on propane.

Hutch Mountain is compatible with the Honda Eu 2200i.

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The convenience of operating your RV’s amenities, the lack of storage needs, and easy transport are all benefits of a built-in generator.

Should you make the switch to propane from gas or diesel?

The pros and cons of using propane should be considered. If you feel that the expense of gas or diesel is becoming too much to handle, you might want to look into a propane generator.

The main fuel tank is the most important consideration. If you use more fuel than you intended, you could run out of fuel and become stranded. Your onboard propane system can be connected to a built-in propane generator.

Keep in mind that there are many different types of RV generators to choose from. The Complete Guide To RV Generators was made by us.

While a propane generator is less maintenance than gas or diesel, it’s still important to test it regularly and change its oil.

How to Maintain Your RV Propane Generator

You should care for propane generators even though they require less maintenance. How to keep your RV propane generator running.

Test It Regularly

Even though propane doesn’t break down as gasoline or diesel does, it’s still wise to use your generator at least monthly. You will be able to spot a problem before you need to use it.

Do Regular Oil Checks and Changes

The propane generators use oil. Follow the manufacturer’s schedule for maintenance. Make sure you use the correct type of oil.

Do these things for your propane system.

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How long can a generator run on a tank?

The length of time you can run a propane RV generator on a 20lb tank depends on the generator capacity and amount of load running off of it. If you use the charts from U.S. Carburetion, you can figure it out.

You can get 6 hours of run-time on a full load with a 20lb propane tank using a 3500W propane generator according to their charts.

A propane generator burns more fuel than a gasoline generator. Since propane can be a bit harder to find, an attendant is usually required to fill it.

Do you have to use your generator?

You don’t have to use a generator to run your RV amenities. If you have access to shore power, you can use it to operate your rig.

As long as the batteries are charged, most RVs have a battery system that keeps 12V appliances. The 120V+ devices can be run with an instument that plugs into the house battery.

When you don’t have access to shore power, you’ll use a generator. You can use the generator to run your 120V system, or you can use the RV batteries to do so.

You can use solar power if you don’t have a generator. If you have portable solar panels or an entire solar system on your roof, you can get enough power to operate your RV.

The RV Alternator Charging electrical system has an overview and performance.

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Are RV Propane Generators Worth It?

Generators powered by propane have a lot of advantages over diesel and gasoline. It is all about weighing the pros and cons.

If you want a generator for power but don’t want to deal with the hassle, smell, or cost of gasoline or diesel, propane RV generators can be a good option. It could be a great option for those just starting out.

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