Recycled Clothes – Top 10 Brands That Use Recycled Materials

Recycled Clothes – Top 10 Brands That Use Recycled Materials

We don’t have to always wear the same clothes. Consider looking into recycled clothes.

92 million tons of textiles are wasted annually. Huge amounts of clothes end up in the trash.

Most people don’t think about what they wear being recycled. I didn’t think much of it before writing the article. We need to be aware of the options out there so that we can help save the planet.

What is recycled fashion eco friendly yoga clothes?

Plastic bottles, nylon, and even old clothing can be recycled into new clothing. When you purchase recycled clothing, you become a part of influencing major clothing companies to practice sustainable production

What clothing brands use recycled materials?

1. Girlfriend Collective

With the stylish clothing they have available, perhaps anyone would wear waste.

They sell a lot of female clothes. You can see the recycled materials in their products.

2. American Recycled Clothing

American Recycled clothing is a company that provides people with quality recycled clothes. You can choose from polo shirts to sweats. They get a lot of good reviews from people on the internet.

3. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro has a focus on vintage clothing. There are many types of clothing to choose from. Plastic bags and packaging are recycled as well.

4. Wolven

Wolven wants to makesustainability sexy. They make their swimsuits and leggings out of recycled bottles. Fight against fast fashion and achieve a more sustainable environment.

5. Patagonia

One of the pioneers in eco-friendly outdoor clothing is Patagonia, which has been mentioned before in other lists. This company makes clothes out of recycled plastic soda bottles.

6. Rapanui

Natural materials are used to make all of the clothes. They ship their products in plastic-free packaging. They made their t-shirts out of recycled cotton.

7. Ellie Evans

A company based in Australia sells ethical and sustainable swimwear. The swimsuits are made of recycled plastic. You can help the ocean look better by looking good on the beach.

8. Fanfare

Fanfare makes clothes that are ethical. They want to bring change to the industry. Many items in their collection are made from recycled, organic and wastage fabrics.


Batoko is a brand that uses recycled plastic. They ship their clothes to anyone who wants to wear them. The equivalent weight of 300,000 plastic bottles has been recycled by them.

10. ADAY

A day believes in doing more with less. They use recycled fishing nets from the ocean to make some of their clothes. The Over and Out jacket is something you might like.

11. Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel uses eco-fabrics, organic cotton, and recycled cotton. They use a lot of plastic to make their clothes. They have recycled cotton hoodies and pocket t-shirts.

12. RubyMoon

If you are looking for active wear or swimwear that is sustainable, RubyMoon is the brand you have been looking for. The brand believes in creating a positive impact on the environment.

13. Re/Done

Vintage clothing for both men and women can be found at Re/Done. You can enjoy looking at their recycled t-shirts. The brand takes apart the looks of denim jeans and uses them for something else.

14. Picture Organic Clothing

Picture Organic clothing has both outdoor and activewear clothing. Some of their clothes are made from recycled textile.

15. Ecoalf

Ecoalf are one of the pioneers in sustainable fashion. They wanted to create the highest quality clothing out of recycled fabrics. T-shirts, jackets, coats, and other types of clothing are available.

16. Planetwarrior

Planet Warrior offers recycled plastic yoga wear that you will really like. The main focus of the brand is to make luxury recycled fashion.

17. Repainted

Italian brand Repainted uses recycled plastic to make swimwear. Some dresses were also made by them. Some swimsuits only have one color, but most of their products have flowers in them.

18. prAna

All of the nylon, cotton, and wool used in the clothing is recycled. Their focus is making clothes that are sustainable.

19. Mara Hoffman

All of Mara Hoffman’s swimwear is made from recycled nylon or recycledPolyester. They want to make a more sustainable world by ethically creating all of their clothing.

Final thoughts

Now that you know that there are many brands that sell clothes made of recycled materials, you can help. Think about making clothing out of recycled materials and making the world a better place.

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