Tie-Dye Holidays – My Top 5 Tie-Dye Items

Tie-Dye Holidays – My Top 5 Tie-Dye Items

I was a little worried when his trend came back. I don’t like the idea of wearing a tie-dye outfit just because it’s too festive for my liking.

I want to buy all of the tie-dye I hear about now that it is trendy.

Here is a list of tie-dye items I would buy if I were to spend the money right now.

The Sparse Tie-Dye Joggers and Sweatshirt are £44/£45

Available at Urban Outfitters

This is the perfect loungewear tie-dye outfit as the weather turns. It is a perfect colour combination of purple, grey and white hippie yoga wear, and is very warm for an evening in.

You will feel put together when you get the set.

UO Celestial Tie-Dye Dad T-Shirt – £35

Available at Urban Outfitters

The perfect example of rainbow tie-dye is this Dad shirt. This is perfect for your afternoon walk because it is oversized and you can pair it with shorts and trainers.

The pretty little thing is a t-shirt.

The best alternative is this t-shirt. For over half the price, with the same colors and pattern.

Adidas Originals 3 Stripe Shorts – £23

Available on ASOS and Adidas.com

Adidas shorts are a must have. They fit under any big jumper and are comfortable. The new tie-dye pair are the perfect pair to add to your collection and are on my wish list. The rest of the collection can be found on the website.

The tie dye paint is in the short pyjama set.

Available at ASOS

The PJs are too beautiful to be passed-by. Everyone should have these cute tie-dye pyjamas in their wardrobe. You can only lounge in them if you feel at home. Due to popular demand, they are currently out of stock, but hopefully will be back in stock soon.

The top and bottom of the bikini are pink.

Available at prettylittlething.com

It’s nice to think that any holidays this year are going to go ahead, even if they aren’t all set to. The most striking bikini set is in my wish list for any future trips. This is a perfect pool.

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