Top 5 Tea Shops in the World!

Top 5 Tea Shops in the World!

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This list of the best online tea stores have the finest teas from all over the world.

A lot of your routine is dependent on the fluids you drink. Do you start off with coffee? Is it juiced wheatgrass? Do you sit by the window and drink a smoothie or have a cup of juice? Do you prefer the coffee at the gas station on the way to work or the coffee at the corner on the way to work?

It is important to remember how important these moments are to us. Where would we be without coffee? These routines are common for everyone.

There is a beverage that can be had at any time of the day or night. It can make you want to come back. You can drink it hot or cold. We are discussing tea!

With people preferring to have things delivered right to their door, we have compiled an awesome list of tea shops and companies. We included places that ship domestically and world wide.

There’s a gift guide for tea drinkers.

There are online tea stores around the world.

Silk Road Tea will be the first item on our list. The company is called a purveyor or rare tea. Team members travel to various provinces in China in the spring to pick their ingredients.

These people make their tea in small lots and collect the best organic ingredients. Silk Road Tea is making small local economy a thriving entity because farmers get better profits for their product.

Silk Road Tea has classic tea, new wave tea, and some of the most rare tea on the market. They do not stop there. They have beautiful teaware for sale, and they use similar ingredients to create wonderful cosmetics.

Chances are that you have seen a tea bag. The tea is sold in cafes and restaurants around the world. They are famous for their Rose Green Tea. This high quality tea is shipped all over the world, in huge stocks for restaurants, or right to your door for your daily drinking.

The company is based in France. They understand that they are a big and successful company and that they are taking responsibility for their actions.

Idaho Springs, Colorado is home to the company that ships all over the United States and Canada. The only distributor of this special tea in America is a group of people who are very passionate about tea.

They are very passionate about pure tea from Sri Sri. Their core values are centered around taking care of the planet, and taking care of their neighbors too.

The entire mission of Ikaati is driven by a very simple philosophy that is guided by three principles. All of your well being is enriched by beauty, pleasure, and health.

Their focus is to incorporate health and well being with tea, and they have all sorts of organic herbal infusions that succeed in that. The mind and the body are nourished by the loose buy pu erh tealeaf teas.

You can choose a category first on this website. You can pick from either of the following. Savor is the category for luxurious teas and Heritage is the category for traditional teas.

With confidence, we can say that Wise Ape Tea has some of the best branding we have ever seen. The company’s logo is ape and it immediately gets the customer wondering what they’re doing. The quote “Get loose, Stay Wise” makes you even more interested.

We have learned that this company is more than just tea. Their motto is “steeped in altruism”. 10% of all of their sales go directly to the non-profits they partner with.

They have a huge focus on being entirely sustainable and are directly contributing to those causes. You can feel confident supporting this company because of the bags and ingredients.

You can tell by the principles they share on their website that they are all American. The company was founded in 1945, and has been run by the same family ever since.

Their dedication doesn’t just lie in high quality teas, but they prioritize satisfied customers, strong relationships with suppliers, and satisfied employees They know that they have environmental impact responsibilities as a large company.

Consuming isn’t just about receiving the highest quality product, but understanding where that product came from and wanting to support companies that support their own as well. All of those things are guaranteed by the company.

Tea Senz is a company that distributes authentic Chinese tea all over the world. The high quality product can only come from going to the source directly.

The company has tea masters who explore new locations for the best tasting tea and high end tea. These ingredients are bought at fair prices from small farms in China.

Tea Senz understands what the tea industry has become, and they want their customer to know that there are no middle men, no markups, and that the farmers receive the payment they deserve.

Tea Senz is so passionate about sharing authentic Chinese teas to all cultures that they have low cost shipping all over the planet. You can choose from white, green, black, or oolong tea on the website.

Atlanta based company Transcending tea is focused on premium tea. They think of tea as more than just a drink. Their customers are a huge part of what they are all about.

They don’t want to just provide the best tea you’ve ever tasted in your life, but they want to ensure that you have all of the tea accessories you could ever need. New and funky flavors are included in the tea range.

The living tea organization is based in the mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, but they ship all over North America. They are a company that is focused on more than just tea drinking.

The art, ritual, and meditation of tea is a celebration of the human relationship with nature. Their team travels throughout Asia each year to collect ingredients for the upcoming year’s collection, and they also get to build their relationship with nature in this way.

Tea seeds are grown in their native environments and free of chemical interference. The company sells ceramic pots and teaware. It is a good move to make to build immunity by getting into the world of mushroom teas.

Lexie’s Loose Tea is on this list because of her unique tea collection. She markets her tea as a “mood changing tea” to coincide with your mental state.

There is a whole collection of teas to match whatever emotion you are feeling that day.

The health benefits and immune system boosting properties of tea are the focus of Lexie’s Loose Tea. She wants tea to change her life.

There is a wide variety of teaware and loose leaf teas. The tea in this shop is always fresh and has a good flavor. The brew guide and the origin of the tea are included in the shop’s tea collection.

The work of a New Jersey based family is reflected in their shop. They are trying to create a community of tea lovers. If you live in New Jersey, you can visit the store, but if you don’t, they ship all over the United States.

Pluck tea is based in Canada, and only ships within Canada. Pluck tea is cool because they have a system for tea lovers that you can earn points for every tea you buy.

Pluck tea provides emission free delivery, they have 100% plastic free tea bags, and they support local packaging as well. I guess that explains why they only ship to Canada.

They like to give you an entire experience when you visit their website. You can visit the website to purchase tea, but you will leave with a lot of new information.

They have a team of people who teach you how to use tea in a variety of ways. One person explains how to turn tea herbs into different products, while another person gives you a recipe for a snack.

It is easy to try a bunch of new teas with Tea Lee. If you want to know what your go-to’s are going to be, you can design a starter pack of 30 sample sized teas.

Palais des Thés started out as a small tea shop in France, but has grown to include stores in Belgium, France, Japan, and the United States. The tea school was founded in New York.

The Palais des Thés has a wide range of tea. The tea masters search the globe for new and interesting tea flavors to keep the curiosity and flavor profile alive.

The more you look into tea shops, the more you realize that it isn’t just about the tea in the pots. Tea is about the community of tea lovers. They are most driven by creating a tea-loving community.

The trading of tea puns is encouraged by them. All social and economic members are welcome in the club.

What is their club? If you subscribe for $10 a month, you will receive a weekly newsletter and premium loose leaf tea of the month. You will be part of a group of tea lovers who want to spread love.

This is the place to go if you love tea. The founder of the company is very passionate about everything. She also offers daily use of the tea.

The reason why this is special is that the leaves are plucked earlier. Because immature leaves produce a flavor that is fresh and vegetal, it’s better than most matchas. The best thing?

Teatulia is based in Denver. The company’s focus is on organic tea, sustainable practices, and empowering the locals in Bangladesh, where they source their tea leaves.

The Teatulia received several awards at the North America Tea Championships. The company’s tea estates are located in the north of Bangladesh. They send their products to other countries.

A lot of tea drinkers are also coffee drinkers. They have a one stop shop for all of your drink needs. They have k-cups for coffee makers, soda streams, and dozens of syrup flavors.

Markcol Coffee started their own tea specific distribution called Seven Sisters Loose Leaf Tea Company, which is the main focus of their website.

The company is based in India. They specialize in high quality tea. Ensuring that their customers understand the tea traditions of the country is their main focus.

The tea leaves of the Tea Box company come from various Indian tea estates.

A group of tea lovers from France, China, and Canada collaborated on the project. The absolute best authentic teas that are currently coming from Chinese provinces are distributed by them.

To inspire their new tea collections, the Tea Vivre team travels to various tea farms in China to sample all of the traditional herbs. They’re best known for their green tea.

The tea store’s name is misleading. You might think they only sell Earl Grey and orange pekoe, but this is not the case. The English Tea Store has everything you need to host a tea party.

They offer the highest quality english teas on the market, as well as beautiful teaware, sweets, chocolates, and snacks. The english high tea tradition can be brought into anyone’s home with the help of international shipping.

The Tea Spot is based in Colorado and was founded in 2004. Maria was drawn to the health benefits of tea as she recovered from cancer. She favors tea in its freshest form because of its health benefits.

The Tea Spot sells gourmet loose tea with signature blends, handcrafted and single estate tea. 10% of their sales go to cancer programs. Its main goal is to advocate for health through tea.

Tea stores have very distinct ideals and approaches to tea, so don’t be fooled by the similarity in names. The Tea Store has tea from all over the world. They also provide teas from Canada’s First Nations communities, which include China, Japan, and India.

It is not common to have access to plants and herbs from northern Canada. The teas they sell are from the Northern Delights tea company. Both companies get their ingredients from Canada.

There are over 300 different flavors of tea offered by The Tea Store. They have a huge selection of Chai flavors, and they also sell gorgeous tea.

This tea company is based out of Minnesota, and their approach to selling tea is completely different from any other company on this list.

Verdant Tea doesn’t categorize their tea by country or flavor, but by the farmer who made it. All of the ingredients are native to the region.

Customers are encouraged to visit the local farms if they are listed on the tea packaging. They make their own versions of black teas, white teas, green teas, and herbal teas.

MaryAnn’s Tea Company was the leader in the race for brewable tea. There are several North American Tea Championships for bottled tea.

With their reputation, people are more than willing to try loose leaf tea. The client base is nuts over the tea. They have reviews on their site if you don’t believe me.

The company Tea Santé is based in Montreal, Quebec, and is known for their health tea. Shipping is available all over Canada and the United States.

There is a different approach to tea. They think that tea is more than just a beverage. The collection of tea flavor profiles can be delivered right to your door.

Everyone likes Tea Santé. They have what you are looking for, from a health nut who is exploring different ways to boost that, to an adventurer who also needs a boost.

You will learn something new. ripe pu-erhs are a unique style of tea. The tea is selected based on the degree of ferment and the taste profile.

Black tea, oolong tea, and white tea are also offered by this shop. If you are willing to be a little bit more adventurous, they sell rare tea items like purple tea and yak butter tea. I dare you to order a cup of tea without knowing what it is. You live once.

I guess we should believe that Paravion tea is an innovator of a company. The finest hotels, spas, resorts, wineries, cafes, and restaurants on the planet offer them.

You wouldn’t expect them to make small batches of tea with a huge client base. They use the true artisan method to pick the best quality ingredients and then export them.

The Vahdam Tea company is known for their tea. Let me tell you what that means. It is a practice all tea curators should be doing.

Within 24 hours of production, all their tea issourced from the tea growers. The Vahdam tea tries to help the farmers.

The farmers can have the best prices for their tea if the intermediaries are eliminated. All the teas are packaged and shipped to over 83 countries around the world.

Okay. IKKYU is a Japanese based company that sells Japanese tea. Their ingredients are always hand picked, and they have a variety of flavors to choose from.

The company is cool because they understand that there is a lot of exclusivity around certain cultures. They say that a lot of the tea they offer has never been tasted in the western world.

Do you know anything about tamaryokucha tea or gyokuro tea? A lot of these teas are being made available for the first time outside of Japan, so take advantage of that worldwide shipping and broaden your tastes.

We understand that not everything has to be organic. Sometimes we want a simple tea bag that we can take with us on the road. The Art of Tea can be used here.

Art of Tea is known for its great selection of high-quality tea at an affordable price. Its website is easy to use and has reviews on all products. They only ship to Canada.

The tea is shipped directly from China. They offer a few samples of their tea in a shipment and encourage their customers to try new flavors.

The company used to only ship tea within the US, but now offer international shipping. In the US, orders over $50 are free to ship. High quality tea is easily accessible by everyone and anyone, thanks to the affordable and reliable Mighty Leaf Tea.

If you have already had a cup of tea, you should. You can get a cup from this company in restaurants, cafes, spas, hotels and many other places.

They don’t just sell tea. They sell boba or chia pudding to add to your favorite tea drink, as well as beautiful teaware, when you visit their website.

Another online tea shop sells tea from China. There is a wide selection of pu-erh, which is Chinese tea. Their website is easy to use, so it’s a no-brainer to replenish your cupboards with Generation Tea.

In Pursuit of Tea has been in operation for over a decade. Their team members travel a lot to sample different tea flavors and ingredients in order to create a new collection.

They provide pure loose leaf teas with no blended flavors, and they like to remain traditional with their teas. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s important for other companies to keep the traditional flavors alive with so many modern companies.

Tealish Fine Teas is one of our favorites because they make the shopping experience different from other tea shops. You can explore their website by choosing a characteristic. There are many options to choose from.

The tea shop likes to have a focus on benefit driven tea that is fun to drink. They include ingredients that inspire relaxation and calm.

Ippodo is an old tea company. Over 3 centuries has passed since this tea manufacturing business began. You can understand the guarantee that they are providing the absolute best and most traditional Japanese green tea by knowing this fact.

Ippodo is more than just a tea store. They are also involved in the procurement of tea leaves. They are both passionate and thorough.

The fields of Kyoto, Japan are where their tea leaves are grown. The climate of Kyoto is mild, leaves grow in mineral rich soils, and the area gets the perfect balance of sunshine and rain.

Seven Cups Tea sells high-quality tea in both retail and wholesale. Austin and Zhuping run the online shop. Their tea house in Arizona is beautiful.

Their tea house sells teas that are grown in China and they distribute them to all of Arizona and beyond. Tea tasting classes are offered at their tea house.

Those who are looking for a very exclusive and luxurious experience will find this tea company. The Right Tea only sells silver needle white tea, which is the most fine of white teas available.

Bai Hao Yin Zhen is the name of the tea that comes from the Fujian province of China. This type of tea is special because it is made from buds that are young and empty. These wonderful ingredients create a refreshing flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.

The company that sources their tea from growers around the world is called Argo Tea. The best ingredients from all over the world are used to make delicious beverages and tea.

They focus on leading by example in terms of sustainable business modelling. They work with global tea growers, but have a focus on local farms.

The teas are made with spices, herbs, fruits, and flowers. All loose-leaf tea can be shipped for a flat rate fee.

If you are a tea lover who has been to Canada, you will definitely know of David’s Tea. Buddha’s Belly tea made them famous. They started in 2008 and have been thriving ever since.

The company is innovative and they make their product accessible to everyone. They know how important it is for large companies to be responsible with the environment. David’s Tea donates a percentage of their profits to charity.

They are also giving new and creative flavors to Canada. You can only purchase the perfect tea spoon at that store. This spoon is the signature item.

Sladki Vrah founded Daoli and the company is based in Maribor, Slovenia. Daoli has offices in both China and China. Staying close to where tea is being created ensures the best quality.

Daoli has a large collection of tea from Kunming. They can buy tea in the market. They ship for a small fee to the rest of the world.

The Republic of Tea shop is known for sparking a Tea Revolution. They have over 300 premium tea, bottled iced tea, herbs, and natured inspired teaware. They have decaffeinated tea in their shop. Through education, innovation, and premium teas, the company has enriched people’s lives.

The Republic of Tea has won several national tea awards because of its tea and herbs, which are available in light and air-tight tins. Whole Foundation and Action Against Hunger are two organizations that the company has supported by developing products.

Atlanta, Georgia is where Zen Tea is located. They have over 150 types of teas. They can be purchased in either teabags or tea pouch, which makes them delicious for any time of year.

They offer high tea, tea tastings, and tea classes at their location. They sell their tea all over the country. They have rare and unique blends.

Zen Tea understands that drinking tea is a ritual for many people. Their knowledge of tea culture means that they provide teas for casual use, for ceremonial purposes, and they even have suggestions of food with tea.

TeaDesire is a Canadian premium loose leaf store that sells herbal, rooibos, green, organic and oolong tea. The store is owned by a family in Canada. They offer a wide range of flavors and colors. They will ship for free in Canada and the US when orders are over $60.

The first store was in Barcelona. They have shops in Europe and South America. The product they offer is the best of the best. Tea Shop is a well known company.

The tea shop sells over 120 selections of tea and infused beverages. One of their popular brands is rooibos herbal tea, which is obtained from the fermentation of shrub leaves.

Customers can be reassured that Tea shop takes care of all the details from production to transportation. Over half a million people rely on this brand every year.

There is a Canadian company here. More research will show you how passionate Canadians are about tea. Maybe it is the whole relationship to England.

All over North America, the Tea Haus ships for free. They sell over 200 types of teas, from herbal to black, green, oolong, white, and roobois. They keep things interesting by including herbs.

The Canada-based company takes pride in their high standards of quality and offer authentic tea from their countries of origin. Both raw and cooked pu-erh, Japanese green, delicate white, matcha, herbal infusions, fruit teas, Chinese green, and pure herbal teas are available.

The largest selection is taken by Tealyra. Tealyra offers over 1000 tea flavors. One of the best online tea stores is here. There is a large customer base in the US, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

There is a group of people who are doing cool things. Customers can take a tea quiz on your website to find out what type of tea is right for them.

They are making tea bags from abaca teabags. There is a banana tree in the Philippines. The teabags are completely eco-friendly and are creating jobs in the area.

For those of us who just can’t decide on what tea to get, these guys offer a subscription box so that each month they give you an entirely unique choice. Have you ever heard of bonfire smores’ tea?

One of my favorite tea shops on the planet will be our final tea shop on the list. If you are ever in Denver, Colorado, I highly recommend you visit this tea shop because they don’t ship online.

I stumbled on this tea shop while I was in Denver last year. The good vibes you feel when you go there are not something I can give you. One of the loveliest couples own the shop and they chat with you and sit at your table like you are part of the family.

The wife makes the best chicken sandwich you will ever have when the husband picks records. They sell jewelry from local artists as well as ceramics and self-published books. I want you to support them because they are true supporters. Go! Whether you like it or not, they will make you smile.

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