Top 5 UK Ethical Activewear Brands

Top 5 UK Ethical Activewear Brands

I stock up on all the best travel kit when I return to the UK, and that includes ethical clothing. It took a lot of research to find the best ethical sportswear brands. I have a list.

I am buying only ethical activewear and shopping with sustainable brands. Did you know that fast fashion contributes to the climate crisis? Less than 1% of clothes are recycled. Many high street brands have bad supply chains. The environment is polluted by low quality materials in sportswear. We can improve. There are some great brands in the UK. These brands have three core values that make them ethical. They use sustainable materials. There are ethical supply chains. They pay their workers well. Good materials need to be used in the best ethical activewear. The materials need to be comfortable. You want workout clothing that won’t make you uncomfortable when you get sweaty, right?

My Ethical Activewear Favourites

My favourite sustainable sportswear brands are ones I have tried personally.

The brand are stylish and sustainable. The Girlfriend Collective is based in the USA. They can be found through their UK stockists. My sports bra is green and jade-colored. I wear high-rise shorts for cycling.

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More of the Best UK Ethical Activewear Brands

Asquith is an ethical activewear brand. They use cotton ruffle shorts and bamboo. The company’s clothes are made in Turkey.

There is an affordable and ethical activewear brand. They make clothes from bamboo. Both of us have base layers for cold mountain climbs.

I got the sweetest bamboo yoga shorts from this brand for my birthday. The loveliest piece of sports kit I have ever worn. The clothing of Carrot Banana Peach is made from plants. There are organic cotton, bamboo, and a lot more.

The company is located in Wales. They use recycled or natural fabrics in their everyday clothing.

The London sportswear focuses on simple, minimalist colors and design. They have a family-run factory.

Through their commitment to sustainable clothing, the brand made a name for themselves. When your gear gets worn out, Patagonia can repair it. Over 40,000 items are repaired a year.

A range of organic cotton is used in the People Tree range. They have simple designs and a dark colour scheme.

Sundried — Active sports clothing designed for triathletes.

There are sweatshirts and lounge wear. Many of their garments are made of Tencel fabric. Every time you buy something, Tentree plants ten trees. They are a brand from the USA.

Luxury UK Ethical Activewear Brands

The luxury end of the market has sportswear designs. leggings and sports bras are available in the gym kit. Their production line is based in two countries.

Sports philosophy is a luxury UK brand. The Freedom for Children Foundation is a charity that fights to stop child labour.

The UK ethical activewear is designed in London. There is a small selection of sports bras.

Best UK Ethical Swimwear Brands

Ruby Moon is vegan and sustainable. Their designs are mostly black and bright. The team at Ruby Moon is female.

When it wears out, wear what you have.

Buying news clothes when you can is not a good idea. If you need replacements, consider using ethical brands. When another garment needs to be recycled, I only add new items to my wardrobe.

Many of the ethical UK sportswear brands are affordable. Seasonal sales are also run by many. You can get discounts when you sign up for their newsletter. You will find your clothes last longer if you buy ethical clothing.

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