Why Do Nothing When a Guy Pulls Away?

Why Do Nothing When a Guy Pulls Away?

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Most women chase and message the guy when he pulls away.

The wrong thing to do is this.

Sometimes the strongest move you can make is not.

When he pulls away, do nothing

1) You demonstrate high value

Do nothing when he leaves. He will come back because he demonstrated high value by doing nothing.

Think about it:

If you know your value, why should anyone else?

Do you think meeting someone new signs wife is changing mind about divorce or not being the one for him will affect your belief in yourself?

Confidence is attractive.

The height of confidence is when a guy pulls away.

You sit, reflect and get on with your life at the precise moment when most women would chase, pester and post all over social media.

He will be back, and if he isn’t then he isn’t worth your time to start with.

2) You prove you have your own life

When he pulls away, you prove you have your own life.

Let me emphasize:

You really should have your own life!

This isn’t just about appearances, it’s about making him believe you’re a very busy and talented woman.

Being a busy and talented woman is what it is.

The kind of lady who doesn’t have time for games or men who don’t know what to do.

So he pulled away?

You have places to be, documents to sign, trips to take, and friends to make.

He should be concerned about losing you by his actions.

And you live every day with that reality.

3) You’re triggering his inner hero

If you don’t do anything when he pulls away, you give him a chance to grow.

This is a time when he can see that you are a high quality woman who trusts and loves him.

You are more than a prize on a shelf hopping up and down.

If you get jerked around, you will immediately move on with your life.

This will make him come running.

You are like a man’s favorite person.

It is all about triggering their hero.

I learned about it from the hero instinct. This fascinating concept is about what really drives men in relationships, which is ingrained in their genes.

Most women don’t know anything about this.

These drivers make men heroes of their own lives. When they find someone who knows how to cause it, they feel better, love harder, and commit more.

You may be wondering why the hero instinct is called that.

Not at all You don’t have to buy a cape or play the damsel in distress.

It comes at no cost to you.

James Bauer has an excellent video here. Sending him a 12 word text is one of the easy tips he shares.

Because that’s the beauty of the hero instinct.

It is only a matter of saying the right things to make him realize that he wants you.

Click here to watch the free video.

4) You respect his space

It means actually doing nothing when a man pulls away.

A lot of women think it means joking with him on the phone one night after you drink a lot.

Don’t do it!

Doing nothing means exactly that: doing nothing.

Unless and until he crawls back to you and you decide to give him a second chance…

You do nothing.

This is a good quality for a potential mate to have, as it is respectful of his space and his life.

You don’t call or text him if you give him space.

There is no email on social media. It is not possible to just ‘bump’ into him in the real world.

5) You mirror his behavior

It makes a lot of sense that mirroring is a popular concept.

When someone pulls away, you pull away.

It’s a cause and effect.

There is nothing personal, no anger or over thinking, and you simply withdraw your interest.

You won’t win his heart by showing up at his job with flowers and declaring your love.

You are more likely to get his attention if you stop trying.

He’s going to feel that gap.

He will come running like a puppy.

6) You show real strength

When you care about someone, they pull away from you.

It is your first instinct to figure out what happened and then move heaven and earth to make up for it.

But this is a weak thing to do.

If you really did something wrong, say sorry and try to make up.

The worst thing you can do is chase after this guy.

Doing nothing shows real strength.

It takes a genuine kind of love and heart to not act when you really want to.

You aren’t going to force him to be with you if you don’t accept the fact that he has his own choices.

7) Your character shines through

You show a lot of character not chasing after a ghost.

He may have dated other women, but it sets you apart.

He is bracing himself for the angry texts and calls, the sarcastic posts on social media and the jealousy bait that you are going to spread to make him want you back.

It sets you apart if you don’t do that.

You’re different and, frankly, you’re better.

The hero instinct is a concept I mentioned earlier.

A man who feels respected, useful, and needed is more likely to give up his ghosting ways.

His hero instinct can be triggered by knowing the right thing to say over the phone.

The video by James Bauer is simple and genuine.

You have time to learn more.

You can focus on building new skills and understanding if you stop looking at a guy who is breaking your heart.

This is a chance to understand yourself better.

You can pick up new talents that you can use toward your career, focus on friends you’ve been too busy for, and connect with family and loved ones in fulfilling ways.

It doesn’t have to mean that your life is on hold.

You feel terrible if this man leaves.

You can channel the pain into something new.

Now is your time to shine!

You have the chance to improve your relationship.

This is a time when you can get to know yourself better.

It is tempting to throw up our hands and shout at the sky and God when we are not happy in love.

But there’s another place you can also look.

Right in the mirror.

This is where your power lies.

Most of us overlook an important part of our lives.

The relationship we have with ourselves.

Rud Iand is a shaman. He gives you the tools to plant yourself at the center of your world in his genuine, free video.

Some of the biggest mistakes most of us make in our relationships are codependency habits and unrealistic expectations. Most of us make mistakes that we don’t know about.

So why am I recommending Rudá’s life-changing advice?

He uses techniques from ancient shamans, but he puts his own spin on them. He may be a shaman, but his experiences in love weren’t much different to mine.

He found a way to overcome them. He wants to show you that.

If you want to make that change today, you should check out his advice.

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10) You shift the balance of power

You will most likely scream to go after him when you feel like he is waning.

I want you to do something different.

You shift the balance of power by doing nothing.

Think about it:

He is asking for your approval and interest if he comes back.

He will hold all the cards if you pursue him.

This situation may be tearing you up because of your feelings.

Do whatever you can to keep your power alive.

If he is worth it, he will come back and see that he made a mistake.

He pulled away in the beginning.

It varies in every situation, of course.

There is a pattern in new relationships.

Two people start getting serious and falling in love.

One of the partners becomes clingy and the other one runs.

Many hearts are broken every day because of this.

As relationship expert Amelia Prinn explains:

He used to shower you with affection, but now you want him to spend more time with you. He will pull away if you start doing that. He might start ghosting you because he is afraid of being in a relationship with a controlling partner.

What if he doesn’t come back?

Everyone is asking the question.

Okay, but what if he doesn’t return?

It is not possible to force anyone to come back to you.

No contact made him lose his interest in you, you don’t need to worry about that.

Here’s the thing:

He will want to claim his prize if he loves you.

You should have a better idea of what your man is thinking.

The key is to get through to your man in a way that makes him feel good.

You won’t only solve this issue, but you will take your relationship further than ever before by appealing directly to his instincts.

You could make this change from today if you watch the free video.

With James Bauer’s idea, he’ll see you as the only woman for him and he’ll want to be with you.

If you are ready to take that plunge, be sure to watch the video.

There is a link to his video again.

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