Impress Your Friends With 5 Super Cool Tricks Or Shortcuts Of Windows

If you are Window Users and you need to shortcuts keys that means you are working anything but you want to do anything with short keys, Or you don't have time or you don't have mouse in this situation you can easily your word by Pressing your keyboard, like How to do Private Browsing for Google Chrome and Firefox, How to Use two Tab in one Screen, how you can do up and down in your browser page and some more, If you want to know please read and watch videos for more info.
Impress Your Friends With 5 Super Cool Tricks Or Shortcuts Of Windows

It is very easy method if you Follow this step:

  1. Open Your Browser  and Press on Your Keyboard CTRL+Shit+T for New Tab Shortcuts Keys.

How to Make an Private Browsing

  1. For Chrome Users Press CTRL+Shift+N
  2. For FireFox Users Press CTRL+Shift+P

After Private Browsing anything you want to browse if will not be shown in Chrome History and FireFox History, this method is very Good for those who open their Online Bank Account with Private Browsing they can Easily browse with complete safety:
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How to Open two Same Browser in One Screen On Your Computer with Shortcuts Keys.

  1. Open two time Your browser that means first already open and now open again
  2. Click one First Browser and Press window button+Arrow Key and Simerly like second open browser do this method
  3. Now Adjust Your both browser with your Need and Enjoy!
If you did Not know about Window key let see in below picture
Window key button

this two window open one screen is very helpful for those people who write Article, any Assignment and any more thing they can easily do this.

How to Scroll Down by Using Shortcuts Keys

  1. Going Down Press Space bar Only 
  2. Going Down Press Space+Shift

More Shortcuts only One keys

  1. Press Window Button+ X
If you Don't Understand about above method please watch in below video for more help and Subscribe Youtube Channel for more Tips and Tricks.

how to change facebook password if we forget or identify with picture & video

If you forgot Your Facebook Password and you can to re-sign your account but you dont know how to change your facebook password then you are now right place to change FB password lets see how to do it.

It is very easy method if you Follow this step:

  1. Go to Facebook account and login if you want to only change your password Go to Settings and then go to sequrity and login section in the sequrity and logn section you can see top of option where you can see Change password by Clicking this you need to add in the bux Your current password and type new password and confirm again new password and save Changes.
  2. If you forgot your password then go to main page after that in the buttom of this page you can see forgot your password link

After Clicking Forgot link in the next bux you can see another bux where FB asked you enter your Email which you want to forget so enter your assosiated FB account Email and Click Search button and in the next buxes Check send code Via Email:
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Forget FB password
In the next bux enter your Code which you can Get in your email means FB assosiated Check and copy and pase code here and Done.
Fogot Facebook account

Now other basic settings and you can use your Facebook Password.

How to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days for Mobile & Desktop

Good News for Facebook users if you want to Delete your Facebook account permanently if you are searching on Google or everywhere then you have come to a good place because many of youtube videos you find Delete Facebook account permanently but after deleted FB account you can use them again because Fb does not delete you will do one of more step if you want to do what is the more step to delete permanently Facebook account let see now.
How  to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days for Mobile & Desktop

  1. First You need to Login your Facebook Account 
  2. Go to Settings and in the General Tab
  3. Click Manage Account 
  4. Now in the Manage account Go to the last option in below Deactivate account
  5. Click Deactivate account in the Deactivate section link
  6. Let See in below

Deactivate facebook account

In the Next Screen Follow these Method
  1. The reason for leaving: Add (I have another Facebook account.)
  2. Now Click in below Deactivate button you don't need selecting any other option 
  3. in the Next box first read instruction and click Deactivate Now
  4. Now Your FB account Successfully Deactivated but after this option you can see FB Messages which will be showed in after deactivate now button by Click Facebook Said you account was Deactivated but you can log in with your username and password that means your account is not permanently removed in Facebook search and Google search you can log in again anytime when you want.
what is the next Step to Permanently delete Facebook account let see now?

Now Go to this Link for Delete FB account permanently 
Click to Delete Permanently
Delete Permanently FB account
In the Next option Enter password and Captcha code which will be shown in in a box and click ok.
Permanently Remove facebook profile

In the Next option you will see a message from Facebook:
 Your account has been deactivated but you can reactivate withen 14 days after 14 days you will not see your account in search and everywhere that mean account will be completly deleted let Enjoy.
Details on watch this video which you can see same above method

Who view your facebook profile as someone else on iphone and Desktop

Good News for Facebook Users those who want to See someone else who view your Facebook Profile any countries and anywhere because sometime someone viewed your Facebook Profile with different Ip or anywhere you can Easily See who is this and how maney people wiewed Monthly based or Daily based on your Facebook Timeline if you want to know that how to do it what is the method of Track who is watching my Timeline Let See Now.

It is very easy method if you Follow this step:

  1. Go To Your Facebook timeline-
  2. Right click on your timeline and hit “View page Source”.
  3. Now, you’ll be redirected to a new page with lots codes.
  4. Hold CTRL+F on your keyboard, a text box appears at the right corner, in that box, type- “InitialChatFriendsList” (Don’t include Quotes)Now open below InitialChatFriendsList, Numbers after / like this here
  5. Next to that word, you’ll see a list of numbers, these are the profile ID’s of people who visit your timeline.
  6. Just go to “”  and paste the ID number beside it with a “\” . For example, if the ID is abcd, you have to put it as-
  7. The first ID shows the one who visits profile more often while the last ID never visits your profile!

Who Views Your Facebook Time line

if you don't understand Properly so Please Watch on in below video for more instruction with Details and Screen Schots.

how to create blog post and Published

How to Create a blog that is my question because many of people are know that how to do it, but they don't know which is a better post for your blogger website.I have a Different technique for small blogger and anyone who are working on blogger because if you are posting only a post without SEO then this post is ok near you but near search engine, it's not Good.How to create post on blogger and which post is Good, Techniques is here, post title should be with SEO Rules, how many word is better on your post, insert Internal link on your post, very important thing create accurate picture for your post and add alternatives tags, adding labels, permalinks, Keyword Density, how to add Search description for your post that is some technique which you can learn about this in below this post.    

how to create blog post and Published

Better Title for blog Post

Best and better blogger post title name should be 60 character Search engine will show on Search on 60 Character if you will use more than above 60 then it will not be shown on result but I suggest you only use 55 Character not use more Character means 'Yasir' is five Character So Use like above method if you want to increase your visitor.

How many words should a blog post 

For Blogger post you can write 250 words for normal level if you are a biggers of blogger website don't add 100 words and less it wrong for Search, Maney of blogger expert are said about this technique don't use more than 600 words but on my suggestion 700 words are very better for best Search, users Attraction and more Maney benefits, because top 10 Article writing website will allow 700 words per article and Google will prefer 700 words.

How to optimize images for blogger post

Optimize Images is very Good and Better tips for you and it's Good technique if you want your Post picture will be shown on Search result  Simply first open your adobe photoshop and insert image which you want to optimize click file and go to optimize images for web Select low-Quality jpeg file and save it, after that add alternative tags which you can learn completely with step by step tutorials how to optimize images for blogger or web.

Add Internal Links Within Blogger Post

Internal links within your blogger post why are better internal links for your post because if you do add internal links with your one of post Google will again Index your old post.what is this links that mean your blog URL it's your domain name each this URL post called internal links, Advantages of adding this example you just create one post you are going to internal linking older your website links where a visitor is not coming after published this new post when Google index this new post also will index your internal links again that'way your visitor will come again on your older post and another advantage with this links your blog Alexa rank will be increased for more details watch below video.

What is keyword density & Formula

Keyword density is very important for your post if you will write your post with rules of keyword density then it's better for u & Search otherwise Google will Consider you are a spammer, What is Keyword Density? that mean how many keyword you can add on your post it's keyword will be your main title name let's example my title name blog post or post now you will find how many keywords in my post many of tools for checking keyword density.But I have formula of keyword Density with this you can find how many keywords in your post

what is the formula for keyword density

if you write your post 250 words formula is here every hundred words you can add two main keywords on your post 250 means you can add 5 main title keywords, same like if you have 400 words on your post you can add eight main keywords, 
100 Words Two Keywords  and  250 words 5 keywords 400 words Eight keywords, 500 Words 10 Keywords, 700 words 14 keywords 
So in this ways, you can find keywords how to find the formula for keyword density Simply Open your word press insert Article in the bottom left side you can see how many words on your post with Complete details of this watch below the video.

Above all Technique is better for your SEO to post some more techniques for you which is the list of this below.

  1. Labels
  2. Schedule
  3. Links
  4. Location
  5. Search Description
  6. Options
If you want to learn about this please watch below videos where you can Get details of above six tools.

How to add post search description in blogger

Post Search Description is most important for Search engine because when you will create post and published after Indexing on Google this post will be on Google search Result but bottom of post title you can see Search description that means this will show of visitor what is about your post and if you will add this Google will prefer your post so, add post search description relevant to your post it will be shown on Search Result, also add for better SEO on your blog via adding robots.txt file and header tags. Learn complete Details in below video.

Write better SEO article Tutorials no 1

Get post Meta DESC, robots header, blog Meta Lesson NO 2

Write article, label,date,post meta DESC Lesson No 3

  How To Do Internal Linking For Better SEO Lesson No 4

Understanding Keyword Density Lesson No 5

Optimize pictures and alternatives tags Lesson No 6

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best keyword research tools

If you are small blogger or big blogger doesn't matter keyword rules SEO Rules for all people same method, if you want to make a Good Strategy for your blog post then make a Good title keyword for  your post which i will say about this long tail keyword with this keyword your same post will be searched for a long time how to create a complete blog with rules of SEO but this one i already discuss in this post i will show you how to make a long tail keyword for long search so, if you want to know about that then read more here.

In My post title Best keyword tool that mean with this tools you will Get high and powerful keyword for long time search if you are operating any of web site its very important for you to know Simply will search your specific keyword tools will show you numbers of data about your keyword details includes keywords bids, search duration, monthly search, low high medium, keyword but if you are making post long search strategy then always select low better but also choose medium it is will help for a long time. 

Best Keyword Research tools list here.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner one of the best and most Popular keyword research tool which is part of adword and it's worked freely Mostly all bloggers will use this tools me also, if you  are not using this and you want to drive more traffic on your website then use it.
Google Keyword Planner

Simply Login your account means google account then search on Google Google keyword Planner after browsing nex page you will enter your specific keyword after that in below on your screen you can see details also change your location I mean which country is better for search this keyword also change the language.
For entering URL of a competitor of the landing page, it will give you ranking web page.


It is one of another but best Keyword research tool for long tail keywords but this tools will give you for search your best keyword for Google Search or Youtube Search, Bing, Amazon and app store Search It's free but if you want to do Monthly Search CPC rates or Competition then you need to pay for premium version  you still search your keyword and see only keyword

Simply Go here and Search any keyword like youtube, google, bing, app store, Amazon and Get Result of your keyword. it shows you the questions that can be formed using your seed keyword. Thus, you can directly use these questions in creating new blog posts that will give you organic traffic.


Its another best keyword tool for making a long tail keyword but its not shows monthly search bids, cpc or low medium and high competition but better shows only long tails keyword if you want long tail keyword.


It is Premium and free version research tool that will help you anything any details of you keyword like monthly search, CPC PPC and still shows seo possibility details.

Very Simple to Use Go here then enter your keyword select country and language then it shows all of the details your keyword and shows top website link which is using the same keyword which you are searching but It will show the rank of link website.

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Top Free High PR 7 to PR 1 Ping Sites List of 2017 For Fast Index & Rank

If you want to fast Index your website/bog on Google Search engine and other Big Search engines then you need Good stratigy how to increase your website Traffic and how to Fast index your website, So, for this I have money of other SEO Topic but in this post i wanna show you againt Google and other search engine but ping search Engine best for fast indeing your website and Get Extra Trafic even if you don't have good alexa rank simply submit your website in below given search engine and Get more Visitors. 
Top  Free High PR 7 to PR 1 Ping Sites List of 2017 For Fast Index & Rank

You Never Need More Article Submission and other because if you are Publishing daily based users attrective article then after this submission Google will index fast your website and post, Simply Go below link and submit your URL and enjoy.

Free Top High PR 7 - PR 1 Ping Site List

  1.  Pagerak 10
  2.                      Pagerak 10
  3.                                Pagerak 5
  4.                   Pagerak 4
  5.                      Pagerak 6
  6.         Pagerak 5
  7.                                Pagerak 5
  8.                                   Pagerak 6
  9.                         Pagerak 6
  10.                                       Pagerak 3
  11.                 Pagerak 4
  12.                                    Pagerak 4
  13.                                Pagerak 3
  14.                                     Pagerak 3
  15.                              Pagerak 2
  16.                       Pagerak 3
  17.                       Pagerak 2
  18.                                     Pagerak 3
  19.                  Pagerak 2
  20.                         Pagerak 2
  21.                      Pagerak 2

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4 ways to Add hyperlink To PDF File

If you want to add A Link to PDf Ducument than it is best toturial for you because pdf under the contant area link best slideshare website which you can upload only pdf file but if you insert link under your contant on pdf file after when you upload this file on slideshare and with pdf link you can Get quality backlink on slideshare and money other pdf supported website.

How to Add a Link in Docs 

First i recommend use Google docs its best and you don't need any pdf converter sofware just you need google chrome browser Simply Go to file and New
then Go to Document
after that you can see a blank page write anyting any paragraph you want then how to insert a link on your under the page
click link button or Select any of text and click link button next appearing box
insert on link which you want to make link text See Screen shot of Google Docs link for pdf file
Google Docs Add a Link
Google Docs Add a Link
After this you can Click file then Go to Download as now you can choose which formet is better for you pdf or other you can download it. above link solution you can do another way by going on the top mune bar then go to insert then click link other method is same.

How to Add a Link in Ms word 

Click Insert then Go to Link then Go to hyperlink after Clik this you can See this 
Add Link To MS Word to PDF or other format

Now Insert Link on same page or another webpage as your Need Maybe if possible we creat video about this after create link now go to 
File + Export
then Create pdf to save it.

How to Add a Link in Photoshop

Open Photshop
Select the "Slice Tool" from the Toolbox> this option you See Crop tool
Click Slic tool 
Drag the cursor over the area that you want to be clickable. To create a single hyperlink on an image
if you want to do one hyperlink or more you can do it
when you will slect area of text where you want to create a link 
Double click after you can see popup bux where you can ad your link and other settings See screen shots.
How to Add a Link in Photoshop 1
How to Add a Link in Photoshop 2
How to Add a Link in Photoshop 3

Now Set name Link Adress target Massage and alt tags, and other setings as well as possible
How to Add a Link in Photoshop 4
Select HTML AND images or any other you can select it after save and done.

How to Add a Link in PDF Reader

Go to PDF Reader then Go to Tools then 
Advance Editing tools then 
Select Retangular link tools or other link tools you can use with your need
Click Retangular Link tools and select text area where you want to make linkable Se this
How to Add a Link in PDF Reader 1
when you will be Retanguler link tools you can able to select text area simply select area next bux will be appear here you can select Open a webpage and click next next box enter url your link and ok.See this.
How to Add a Link in PDF Reader 2
How to Add a Link in PDF Reader 3

Now Click ok and done this.

how to register yahoo mail create yahoo account full method

If you are other email users like Gmail Account or other then this post will help you if you are aware Yahoo Email account otherwise you need to know how to Create Register Yahoo mail account it will be very easy and full method for those who want to use it.

It is best practice after the Gmail means Google account because yahoo is very strong privacy network after Good privacy of Google so let see how to Create Yahoo account.

Very simple to go or or any other Google domain Search engine but it automatically open in your country for users of Pakistan Google auto search in something like with your country.

Now Search them Create Yahoo account or signup Yahoo account on the first result of this search hit enter and in the net page, you can See sign up box now you need to fill basic information of your account.
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  • First Name Last Name
  • Choose Email Id, 
  • Add Phone number
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
let see in screen shots how you can fill the form 

how to register yahoo mail create yahoo account full method

Now Click continue after you will receive a code in your phone which you already added in sign up form that it.or Watch Vidoe for better help.

Make Your Facebook Profile Completly Private in 6 Easy Steps

If you are mostly users of Facebook and your profile is public anyone can see your profile like friends list, posts and limited post it mean not for long posts if you have these all thing is public and you want to make completely private these all thing you can do it with 3 or 6 simple step which is by given below here.

Step One is here.
How to Keep Your List of Friends Private

Step 2:

How to Make Your Profile and Timeline Private

This Step is very important for those who want to make private facebook profile first Go to Facebook profile Page 
  • Select Your public Post to Only me or Friends
  • Go to about section 
  • all of your info make private by edit button select private or friends as you want 
  • Click Activity log on right sidebar and click photo
  • Click Hidden
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Make Facebook Private

  • Now Go to Settings on right side option where you can See logout & other option Click Settings
  • Go to Pravacy
  • Click Edit who can See my Stuff 
  • Now Select Only me
  • Click Now
  • Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline
  • Click Limit Old post  and Click Confirm and close
  • who can contect me Select Only me Select Friends to Friends
  • other Settings Let See in below photo

make private your facebook profile

  • Now Go to 
  • Timeline and Tagging Settings
  • who can see your timeline Select only me
  • Who can add things to my Timeline? Select Enable and Close
  • this and other Settings lets see
  • other Settings is not important

Completely Private Facebook account