How to Enable and Disable Two Step Verification in Google, Gmail, Blogger, all Google Services

If you want to Secure your Google account or all of Google Services like Gmail, blogger, Google plus and all other Google Services which you are using on your Internet if you want to do then Google have Good features Two Step Verification for all of Google Product and Service needs only one.
How to Enable and Disable Two Step Verification in Google, Gmail, Blogger, all Google Services

You can easily Enable or Disable two Step Verification by very easy Method, after this step you can't sign in on your Google account without phone because Google will send a code on your mobile after putting this code you can sign in but is strong verification let see.

First of all Go to this Google two step verification link.
Click Get Started
After that you can See this head line on next page(Protect your account with 2-Step Verification)
Click Get Started
Now Sign in your Google account with your user name and password 
Now Select your Country and Check Text Message or Phone call and Clcik next.
Now you can Receive Six Digits Code enter next screen and Click Next and Next Screen you can See like this:
It worked! Turn on 2-Step Verification?

Now Click Turn On Now its Done Let Check more and check how Disable Two step Verification Method watch in below video.

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how to save a document in microsoft word 2013

After Interface video of Microsoft word 2013 Now after creating a complete Document you need to save and Save As your Word File if you don't know how is it then this post will be very help for you.

First of all you need to already install Microsoft word 2013 or any other version of Office now Create your Document and after that let see more.

Step 1: Start a new document in Word and type your text.

Step 2: Click File in the top left-hand corner of the screen

Save MS word file
Maybe some other Version of Word you can see different file menu option but now next you can see Save and Save As button.

What is Save and Save As

Save means every Changing or first time you Create Word File Click save in same name after Edited or first time save, Save as means you can save as one word file with different name, Sometime need to copy any one file with different name.

If you save or Save as you can See same thing you need to Select save for computer or other internet option but every time you will select computer and then Click desktop or where you want.
Save or Save as word file
After this Step you can See other popup bux where you can Select where you want to save your file like this.
save microsoft word document in desktop

How to download Dailymotion and other website videos without software

Make Auto Repeated Video

How to Save Microsoft Word file in other Formet like PDF, HTML, XML and more

If you want to Save your file in word other Different formet like PDF but pdf only you can see 2013 or other latest version, Html, Wps, XML, let see screenshots.
Click word Document where you can see lots of other formets.
How to save word file in pdf and other formet in office 2013
So if you want to more about that please watch this video

Interface of Word and How to start a Microsoft word 2013 document with shortcut keys Screenshots

If you don't know about Microsoft Word how to use and How its work then form this article i will start a first tutorial of Microsoft word 2013 with Video, on this post I will share you some basic and advanced tricks and shortcut key how to Start Word Document for the first time, like you can Easily start word file with a one Click or some other method.

Let's See First Tips to Open Microsoft word.

Go to Start menu and Click Run then new opping popup box Enter winword and press enter you can See file will be open easily.
How to start a Microsoft word 2013 document with shortcut keys Screenshots

How to Open Microsoft Word for the first time

Start Word File from only desktop
Right Click on your Desktop
Click New then go to Microsoft Word Document.
Right Click on your Desktop to open world file
Step 3 to open Word Document with Shortcut key

Go to Start Menu 
All Programme
Now Go to Microsoft office 2013
Right click on Word 2013
Click now Property
Now Go to Shortcut tab 
in bottom type Shortcut Section your key I mean which key you want to open Word with shortcut key Example Ctrl+shif+D
Open word file with Shortcut key
If you want to complete Same and other more Method how to Start word Document then please watch this video.

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how to Download Video from Dailymotion, Youtube Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook Video without any Software

Hey Everyone in this article I will share with you how to Download your Dailymotion Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter Video from any of Video Sharing websites, this Method will be complete in this post and also Youtube video link.
how to Download Video from Dailymotion, Youtube Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook Video without any Software

If you don't know how to do it then the method is very easy to download any video sharing platform without Using any Extention or any installed software because it will be a totally different method so let's start now.

First, you need to go Website I mean from which video website you want to download your selected video, Like Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter.
Open your Video and Copy your Video URL then Go to and in below add your URL and click download button after that it will show you in below format means in which format you want to download select your format and downloading will be Start.
how to Download Video from Dailymotion, Youtube Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook Video without any Software
If you want to watch above all method in Video so please here is a complete video you can See now. >
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making facebook business page or small business without any basic knowledge 2017

In this Post and video I am going to Start How to Make Your facebook business page because nowadays before starting a local and big organization or local shops, Company, brand it mean every businees needs a Facebook business page without page now one band shop website can not Famouse so, firt thing to Make FB page to Start business.

making facebook business page or small business without any basic knowledge 2017

  • First of all go to and login your FB account then 
  • Now Click right side on the top of button where you seen other tab option like 
  • Home Friend Request, Notification and other settings go the last one where you can see different other option also you can see create page
  • Click this button
  • Or Simpley Go to this link
  • Now Select local business nad place after that put your page name and other details
  • Click Get Started.

facebook business page or small business

After that that means next page you can see your page now upload picture for page cover and page photo.Let see Complete details in this vidoe.
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how to use ms paint like a pro

Microsoft Pain or MS Paint one of the best program Where people can easily Edit their Picture, like Picture size Quality, Change backgroud of picture also screen print which you can easily adject in MS Paint, It is free programme you don't need instalation because it will be already installed after window inslation.
how to use ms paint like a pro

It is very easy method if you Follow this step:

Windows 7 users – Click on the start button and in the search bar type in paint, then select the Paint icon, Alternatively, you can click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.

Here is complete Details how to use it and how its work Toturial No 1 to Toturial No 4 Watch now and Enjoy!

How to Make automatically repeat YouTube videos Best 100% Method

Youtube does not allow you to repeat your any Youtube video but their are plenty of third party service which will allow you to repeat any of your Favorite video as you wish to Enjoy.

Maney of other third party website are giving this service but i will share with you a best website and Good Method which will work 100% ver easy, let see go in below the method details.

It is very easy method if you Follow this step:

  1. First Go to and Browse your Favorite Video which you want to repeat again and again 
  2. Now go to in address bar and on the top of your browser like this this your url like this
  4. Now remove WWW. and after Youtube type on your keyboard repeat
  5. Like this
  7. Now page will be browse 

In next page which will be browse you can see a video and with this link link 
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This page will repeat your video until it is closed and This page also has a counter to let you know how many times the video has been repeated.
How to Make automatically repeat YouTube videos Best 100% Method.

Impress Everyone With 5 Super Cool Tricks Or Shortcuts Of Windows

If you are Window Users and you need to shortcuts keys that means you are working anything but you want to do anything with short keys, Or you don't have time or you don't have mouse in this situation you can easily your word by Pressing your keyboard, like How to do Private Browsing for Google Chrome and Firefox, How to Use two Tab in one Screen, how you can do up and down in your browser page and some more, If you want to know please read and watch videos for more info.
Impress Your Friends With 5 Super Cool Tricks Or Shortcuts Of Windows

It is very easy method if you Follow this step:

  1. Open Your Browser  and Press on Your Keyboard CTRL+Shit+T for New Tab Shortcuts Keys.

How to Make an Private Browsing

  1. For Chrome Users Press CTRL+Shift+N
  2. For FireFox Users Press CTRL+Shift+P

After Private Browsing anything you want to browse if will not be shown in Chrome History and FireFox History, this method is very Good for those who open their Online Bank Account with Private Browsing they can Easily browse with complete safety:
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How to Open two Same Browser in One Screen On Your Computer with Shortcuts Keys.

  1. Open two time Your browser that means first already open and now open again
  2. Click one First Browser and Press window button+Arrow Key and Simerly like second open browser do this method
  3. Now Adjust Your both browser with your Need and Enjoy!
If you did Not know about Window key let see in below picture
Window key button

this two window open one screen is very helpful for those people who write Article, any Assignment and any more thing they can easily do this.

How to Scroll Down by Using Shortcuts Keys

  1. Going Down Press Space bar Only 
  2. Going Down Press Space+Shift

More Shortcuts only One keys

  1. Press Window Button+ X
If you Don't Understand about above method please watch in below video for more help and Subscribe Youtube Channel for more Tips and Tricks.

how to change facebook password if we forget or identify with picture & video

If you forgot Your Facebook Password and you can to re-sign your account but you dont know how to change your facebook password then you are now right place to change FB password lets see how to do it.

It is very easy method if you Follow this step:

  1. Go to Facebook account and login if you want to only change your password Go to Settings and then go to sequrity and login section in the sequrity and logn section you can see top of option where you can see Change password by Clicking this you need to add in the bux Your current password and type new password and confirm again new password and save Changes.
  2. If you forgot your password then go to main page after that in the buttom of this page you can see forgot your password link

After Clicking Forgot link in the next bux you can see another bux where FB asked you enter your Email which you want to forget so enter your assosiated FB account Email and Click Search button and in the next buxes Check send code Via Email:
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In the next bux enter your Code which you can Get in your email means FB assosiated Check and copy and pase code here and Done.
Fogot Facebook account

Now other basic settings and you can use your Facebook Password.

How to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days for Mobile & Desktop

Good News for Facebook users if you want to Delete your Facebook account permanently if you are searching on Google or everywhere then you have come to a good place because many of youtube videos you find Delete Facebook account permanently but after deleted FB account you can use them again because Fb does not delete you will do one of more step if you want to do what is the more step to delete permanently Facebook account let see now.
How  to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days for Mobile & Desktop

  1. First You need to Login your Facebook Account 
  2. Go to Settings and in the General Tab
  3. Click Manage Account 
  4. Now in the Manage account Go to the last option in below Deactivate account
  5. Click Deactivate account in the Deactivate section link
  6. Let See in below

Deactivate facebook account

In the Next Screen Follow these Method
  1. The reason for leaving: Add (I have another Facebook account.)
  2. Now Click in below Deactivate button you don't need selecting any other option 
  3. in the Next box first read instruction and click Deactivate Now
  4. Now Your FB account Successfully Deactivated but after this option you can see FB Messages which will be showed in after deactivate now button by Click Facebook Said you account was Deactivated but you can log in with your username and password that means your account is not permanently removed in Facebook search and Google search you can log in again anytime when you want.
what is the next Step to Permanently delete Facebook account let see now?

Now Go to this Link for Delete FB account permanently 
Click to Delete Permanently
Delete Permanently FB account
In the Next option Enter password and Captcha code which will be shown in in a box and click ok.
Permanently Remove facebook profile

In the Next option you will see a message from Facebook:
 Your account has been deactivated but you can reactivate withen 14 days after 14 days you will not see your account in search and everywhere that mean account will be completly deleted let Enjoy.
Details on watch this video which you can see same above method